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Keeping Your Construction Site Safe During Holiday Shutdowns

Keeping Your Construction Site Safe During Holiday Shutdowns

This post was written in collaboration with Small Builders.

keeping your construction site safe

Keeping Your Construction Site Safe Over The Holiday Period

Australia Day, Christmas, Easter and public holidays are stressful periods for the building and construction industry. Builders and contractors are always on the run with clients wanting projects complete before holiday shutdown. A project rush however can lead to oversights in Work, Health and Safety (WHS) and liable incidents.

Builders and contractors cannot afford to compromise on work quality or the sequence of work just to meet a deadline. Did you know the building and construction industry in Australia makes up for almost 20%of insolvencies?

Here are some reminders to help keep your construction site safe during shutdown:

• Check gates are locked and fencing is secure
• Block access to scaffolding, ladders and elevated floors
• Store away dangerous chemicals and goods
• Clear area of any trip hazards
• Check security lighting and cameras are working
• Store plant and equipment tools
• Turn electrical power off
• Make sure the site is free of flammable objects (full skip bins, wooden palates and paper)
• Drain drums and cover areas that could fill with water
• Display emergency contact numbers with secure signage around the site as well as on fencing.

Ongoing Onsite Safety Measures:

• Include everyone including your team and subtracters in the development of your WHS Systems at the workplace.
• Conduct regular risk assessments such as critical times during a project and prior to a site shutdown.
• Have regular site meetings to discuss any changes and any safety concerns around that. What actions do you need to take?
• Safety is everyone’s responsibility. As the head contractor or builder it is your responsibility to make sure everyone knows this.
• Make regular safety inspections of the work site and equipment.
• Promote reporting non-compliance and any areas for improvement.
• Make certain protective equipment wear is used at all times.
If you’re in charge of a site, it is your responsibility to take care of those around you. Create and put into action safety management plans and best practice work procedures. Educate your team on WHS and use construction ready Work Health Safety Software, like that provided by Small Builders.

Are you a tradie? Do you find the whole WHS issue difficult? How do you manage your site over the holiday period?

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  1. Great blog! These reminders to help keep construction site safe during the holiday are very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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