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Just Like Riding A Bike

Just Like Riding A Bike

I bought a bike! After a few years of deliberation and fear that I would not really use one, I bit the bullet and bought a bike. Her name is Beatrix, and The Builder chose himself one as well, Tom. Cruiser style bikes, made for comfort, not speed.

Yesterday, on ANZAC day, we took them on their maiden family voyage. It was so much fun, we all laughed, and chatted our way through the hour long ride, pushed and encouraged each other through the tough stuff, then laughed and chatted some more.

When reflecting after the ride with The Builder, about it’s success we realised how much like going to work it was each day. (OK, maybe work is not as fun) I am talking about our family or team environment, and how we push each other through the tougher times to reach the good times together.

With the team we have surrounded ourselves with at work, we have created a support network who work with us, not for us, to help us all to the easy bits, or rather to the successful completion of our latest renovation, extension or new build. We have a common goal of reaching the end with the highest quality product and happy clients. When working together, anything is possible!

Keeping this in mind each time we chose another member for our team, or have to let one go, we are finding that the right people are presenting themselves to us each time. It may take a little wading, or advertising, but they show up just when we need them most. It has been a different way of looking at things for us, a epiphany of sorts, however with this growing awareness, we are finding work is much more like the fun times with our encouraging and supportive team.

Do you have a bike? Remember how much fun they were as kids? Any tips on how to stop your backside from getting so sore?

Nicole xxx

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  1. LOVE Love LOVE the new blog design. It looks so fresh. As for the bike, what a great investment. I’ve recently enjoyed walking Esther to school and have thought about what it would be like to ride a bike… although I have two kids I have to push in the pram so won’t work till they are older. I hope you can make some fab memories with the family riding your bikes. xx

    1. I love it too! Couldn’t be happier with it. I had a bike when my biggest was small and I would load her into her bike seat at the back, so much fun for us both, but also easier with only 1! xx

  2. When the kids upgraded to bigger bikes I decided to get one too. I was never a super keen rider and had not been on a bike in decades. I admit I have not made full use of it as I am still afraid of riding on the road (bike paths are great). But we have vowed this autumn and winter to get out together for rides. Enjoy yours xx

    1. I must be honest the road does frighten me a little too. We are very spoilt to have great bike pathways here though, so am focusing on gaining confidence on those instead ?

  3. Lambs wool seat cover! ? enjoy!

    1. YES!!!

  4. I saw a cute women bike at Kmart a few week ago and seriously considered it. Maybe because I have a hard time getting shiny new things I didn’t get it? It was a sweet cruiser style too, bright red with a metal basket… I think you’ve tipped me over the edge!

    1. Totally have to go back and pick that baby up, SO. MUCH. FUN!!

  5. Do you know I still can’t ride a bike?! Not without training wheels anyway! LOL! But it is on my List of Things To Do and you’re post has inspired me to get on my bike! By the way, you totally look the part!

    1. We have to teach you how to ride a bike, it is so much fun!! xxx

  6. I have a sheepskin cover on my bike seat. It makes the seat a bit more comfortable!

    1. Totally going to check those out, what a great idea!!

  7. I bought a bike 12-18 months ago. It may currently be rusted and I haven’t sat on it yet. Whoops.

    1. Never too late, to get it out and have a ride!!

  8. Congratulations!
    I think I hoard bikes! I have three – a dragster, a feminine red ‘Carnation’ and a pink vintage bike that’s just so darn hot I will never part with her – a Park Lane. Sadly, I never ride any of them. I am too busy. ?

    1. That’s a pretty cool thing to hoard! Totally understand being too busy to ride, I am hoping that I can use it to run to the shops for the odd thing to make it really worthwhile xx

  9. Beatrix is so cool! I only have a spin bike, which I love. But now as our youngest just loves to ride, I wouldn’t mind a bike to ride with her.

  10. I have a gorgeous yellow bike with a basket – It’s my EAT PRAY LOVE bike. All I use it for is to ride around with my wine and cheese and biscuits and go visiting.

  11. I’ve been tossing up whether to get a bike or not. I think it would make the school run so much quicker. My partner doesn’t really want me to get one because he’s worried about safety. He’s not the one who has to do the school run each day though!

  12. Beatrix is beautiful. I love the rainbow helmet too. I’m the only member of the family without a bike now and I’d love to get one. I see myself riding a pale yellow or green cruiser with a basket on the front ?

  13. I keep telling myself I should buy a bike as I used to love riding as a kid and teen. Last year, when I travelled to San Francisco, I hired a bike and rode along the Golden Gate bridge — it was so much fun! It took me back to my younger years. Really need to get back into it. Love your bike!

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