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Is a Deck Worth The Investment?

Is a Deck Worth The Investment?

There are a couple of questions we are asked with regularity as builders, that I am answering on the Blog this month, one was Should I Renovate My Kitchen, and today’s is, Is a Deck Worth The Investment. Naturally these answers depend on your own set of circumstances, but there are certainly decisions that are far smarter than others. Let’s explore the financial considerations of decks.

Should I Invest In A New Deck?

There is a really simple answer to this question if you live anywhere in Queensland especially, YES!! Decks are an expected addition to homes in most of Australia but especially Queensland. If you live in Queensland and you have the budget to add one to your home, then I suggest you do so without hesitation, not only will it improve your lifestyle, it will most certainly improve the value of your home.

How Much Can I Expect To Pay For A Deck?

As you would expect, they vary in cost. A deck added with a flyover roof will be the least expensive option, you could expect to pay between $700-$1000* per square meter. Having a one added with a built in roof that changes your roof line, will give you a far cleaner and seamless result but you would expect to be set back at least 50% more*.

Fernbrooke homes Deck

What Do I Need To Know About Adding A Deck

Unless you are replacing an existing construction, you will require council approval, which means you will require plans. Take time to plan your deck to ensure that it adds to your lifestyle rather than simply adding an ill thought about space to tick a box. A deck located off the kitchen or dining room is likely to be used more frequently than a deck added off a bedroom or a kids space. Take the time to consider all your options and how you see yourself using your new space. You will need to look at what your deck is constructed with, would you like a classic timber look, or will you tile over your space? There are no right of wrong options, just what works best for your lifestyle.

How will you enter and exit your deck? We have bi-fold doors on ours and find them to be fantastic for encouraging use of the space, however it was difficult to find a solution to screen these doors in Summer. We settled on retractable screens which are very effective and almost invisible when closed.

What will use your deck for? Will you be BBQing, or entertaining out on your deck? Then perhaps a servery window will be of use for you.

82 Park - 17 deck

Alternative For A Deck On A Lowset House

Just because you have a lowset home, doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the the lifestyle a deck provides, you can add a patio. Patios can be structured in a similar way to a deck, for example you can have the common flyover style roof that is less expensive, or like a deck roof you can add a roof that compliments the existing roof line. Either option is practical. Patios tend to be less expensive as they are generally created on a concrete slab, which is cheaper than the construction of a deck.

82 Park - 4

While a reasonable investment, a deck or a patio really is a smart investment to make into your home and a decision that will not only enhance your lifestyle, but add value to your home.

Do you have a deck on your home? Would you like a deck? What is your favourite use for your deck?

Nicole xxx

*Figures are approximate only, for an accurate estimate consult a register builder.




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  1. We have just finished building a deck in our backyard (my post when live on the blog today!) and we had to get council approval before it was built. It looks amazing and is well worth the money. We put a patio over the top as well so we can use it all year round ?

    1. Totally agree with the investment, and I think they definitely need a roof to maximize their potential. Popping over to have a look at yours now, how exciting!

  2. […] cannot think of a better way to enjoy the Summer warmth than on a deck, particularly with a glass of bubbles in hand, fairy lights on and a mozzie candle burning. This is […]

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