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An Interview With Our Plumbing Rep-Jess

An Interview With Our Plumbing Rep-Jess

We are blessed with a number of good company reps in our business, mostly men, though in recent times, we are dealing with more and more women. In my position this is valuable, we talk a similar language, understand one another more clearly and work together well. From a client perspective, I believe it is imperative. Most often in our experience, we find that the woman in the family will make most of the selections and having the opportunity to deal with a female rep creates a more comfortable experience. When I first began working with Adam, I found some suppliers were places I simply didn’t want to go, I found them to be intimidating boys clubs, where I felt I was being looked at rather than listened too. How can we expect our clients to be comfortable in this situation? We do our bit to encourage females in this part of our industry, by supporting our suppliers who do have the option of a female for our clients to see when necessary.

Not all reps are the same though, and just recently, we started working with Jess from Reece right here in Ipswich. Jess is a newer team member at her store and is breaking through the barriers of working in a male dominated industry. Jess is an excellent rep, who has a real can do attitude, nothing is ever too much trouble, and more importantly, if Jess says she will do it, you can be confident it will be done. Todays interview is a little insight into Jess and her position.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be in this industry?

I am fairly new into the industry coming into my third month working here at Reece, and I do love it! Growing up I was always working in customer service, being one on one with a person is what made any job of mine enjoyable. It came to the fact that whilst still working face to face with customers I wanted to step more into a sales role. Reece came up when I was looking for a new adventure and Challenge. It has definitely exceeded my expectations.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Absolutely the best part of my job are my customers. Each day a new task comes up, a new customer walks through my doors. More often then not our customers aren’t quiet sure on what they are looking for or where even to start. I am then given the pleasure to fill in those gaps and help them out the best way I can. Along the way I am also learning, about my customer and their life experiences. That is what makes my job exciting.

How have you found working in a male dominated industry?

Plumbing is definitely a male dominated industry, although most are quiet open to having a new friendly face in the midst and helping out in every way they can. At Reece we deal with a lot of Plumbers and Builders, all you have to do is show the interest and they will give you the time of day to expand your knowledge on what they do day in and day out. I haven’t run into any more obstacles at Reece than you would in any other industry, which even came as a bit of a surprise to myself as I had no idea what I may have been stepping into.

What changes do you see coming in your industry in the next 5 years?

Bathrooms are changing dramatically all the time. A bathroom is now more than just a place to have a shower and get ready for work in the morning. Bathrooms are now a place of luxury and tranquillity. Bathrooms are the new Kitchens, the selling step to a home. Thanks to the Block which we are proud sponsors of, Bathrooms are continuously taking on new directions. People are constantly looking for new and better ideas to out-do the person next door. Which we are more than happy for, we are lucky enough to be able to hold our own forms of competitions where people are encouraged to create and send in their new innovative ideas! Listening to our customers wants and needs is something we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate for.

When you’re not working what do you like to do?

When not at work I am just your everyday 20 year old Girl. I love spending time with my beautiful Niece and the rest of my crazy family. In my quiet time just sitting down with a heart pumping crime novel is definitely the best way to go. I am currently living with my amazing other half and his ever so kind parents while we save for our first home. So unfortunately, no shopping for me right now ?

It must be an interesting industry plumbing, I’m so pleased to see wonderful young people like Jess playing a part in the future of the construction industry.

Have you had a pleasant experience dealing with a company representative?

Nicole xxx


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  1. You make a great point Nicole about having more women in customer service roles as it’s usually the lady of the house that makes the fixture and Colour choices. My local Reece had two female customer reps and nearly every Reece store I’ve gone to has at least one female employee. Well done Jess on being good at what you do. I remember working in Ipswich as an apprentice and I was told to go to a Reece store to get a fitting I had no clue about. I found your Reece store, got the fitting and returned back to site to be told I was given the wrong fitting. That’s all I remember about the Ipswich branch. We used your delivery service to bring out the right one and return the one I was given. Good times.

    1. What a great memory Bec, though at the time I am sure it wasn’t so good. Reece do, do a wonderful job of putting females in the forefront of their business, something I hope more businesses in the industry do.

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