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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day. Today I am heading out to celebrate with a room full of inspiring women, who either work in construction or are closely related to it. 10 years ago these type of events didn’t exist for women in construction. We were an unrecognized segment of the industry. This most likely will be surprising, but I hope in 10 years time, they again wont exist.

International Women’s Day

I am a feminist, though it’s not something I say out aloud too often or at all. My personal brand of feminism isn’t for most, but I am comfortable with it. I have strong opinions on who I am, what I think and how I want my children to see women within the world. Some of what I do would not be support by many feminists I know, and that’s ok. Just as it’s ok for me to live within my own defined parameters.

I was brought up by a strong woman in a traditional home. I find that this has influenced my way of thinking. I was then guided by a strong feminist who shaped more of my thoughts. I was lucky to have them both.

I choose to work in a strongly male dominated field, which has been difficult at times though I enjoy the challenge of breaking through stereotypical thoughts. I’m pleased to say each day I see more and more opportunities for women in the industry, its a slow change, but it is happening.

international women's day

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My wish however is different to most. I want us to get to the point where we are no longer talking about women in these rolls, where we are no longer having to have special awards just for women. That is because I feel when we truly have equality, there is no need to separate us from our male counterparts.

As much as I am a strong advocate, in fact an ambassador for female awards and groups, we don’t have the equivalent for men, and while I understand why that is (don’t send the hate mail yet!) there is a divide in equality on both sides of the fence.

My dream is for an industry without discrimination. I’d love to think that within 10 years we no longer need awards for women, as they are finally equals and have the same opportunities for celebration, as men.

I understand the irony of this wish, if it wasn’t for my Business Partner award, my career would not have been catapulted in the direction it has. I’d just like to see a time in my life, in which we are not talking about our differences, rather our similarities.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Nicole xxx

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  1. Yep, TOTALLY agree Nicole.
    If we want a true society of equality then you can’t be singling out women that do the same job as men and not rewarding the men that stand out as well.
    Preschool and primary teaching is largely female dominated, but you don’t see male teachers getting special awards or gettong special recognition, simply because they are male.
    But in saying all that, I do understand why they are done and I don’t think it is solely for the encouragement or young woman to join the industry. I think it is to also point out to the old school men out there that women are in the construction industry as well and that they are kicking arse.
    As a father of two daughters (3&5) who I’d hope one day would join me in the construction industry, I am hopeful that one day women will be treated as equals out in the field by all men, but unfortunately I don’t share your optimism that it will be done in 10 years time.
    I think we will need a generational change, so I’m thinking it will be closer to 25 years time before they are truly viewed equals, but fingers crossed I’m wrong and it will be sooner.

    1. I think we all have our fingers crossed, and I fear you will be proven right with your time thoughts. I guess it is up to each of us to ensure we are doing all we can to call out poor behaviour when we see it, and encouraging more people like yourself in the industry!

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