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Inspired Space-Veggie Garden

Inspired Space-Veggie Garden

On the weekend, we had a wonderful morning spent at the Ipswich Plant Expo. Most of the plants at the expo, were the same sort of sub-tropical plants we already have in our backyard. This top tier of our yard, will remain untouched until the time comes for us to put in our pool, however we do have another tier to our yard, possibly two. The backyard really drops away from the point of the house, and much fill would be required to level it out, in fact, there is no way we could possible afford to bring in so much fill, so we are going to work with what we have. On the top tier, we will have our pool and entertaining area, the middle tier, a fire pit and veggie patch, and the bottom tier, we are still undecided, we have tossed around the idea of a mini golf layout, but we will see.

In the mean time, we have started drawing up a loose plan for the second tier, and are spending time on Pinterest looking for ideas to incorporate. Here are some of the ideas that are currently inspiring us….


I love the idea of this garden, away behind a gate, so quaint.

bb538181de073828c8be3472ac0b5030Raised garden beds are a must!

08751ad844c370006601488ba3546801We have to have a scarecrow for the littlies that visit.

a23fc4353590e9ebbde0b4f021fe24b5This system or similar will be used where the retaining walls are to maximise space.

666888f00ddedda9c8464066ee5a8521Until the weekend, we had all really wanted to have chickens again, this was until we watched a demonstration by a snake and reptile man, and now I really don’t think I want to be chasing snakes out of my yard again, they are one of the reasons I pushed for the move into town in the first place.


If we did decide to bite the bullet and have some chickens, a pretty chook house like this one, will be on order from the hubby!

What do you think of our inspiration? Are you a vegetable gardener? Do you have a veggie garden?

Nicole xxx

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