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Inspired Space-Teen Boys Room

By the time we finish decorating our children’s bedrooms, I will have had 3 teen boys rooms to decorate. Trying to do this and keep the rooms as individual as the boys are, is going to be a challenge. This week, my youngest is spending time with his Father, so Adam and I are setting out to decorate his room before he comes home. Each of our children have had the opportunity to create a Pinterest board with some ideas of what they will like, and whilst we are not totally sticking to their wishes, we are taking bits and pieces out to give them a room to be comfortable in. Here is some of the Pinspiration we are working with this week….





As you can see, we are looking to give B a room to reflect his personality. He is really sporty, but also loves his time out with music and a book or his Ipad. He is moving into high school this year, so a desk is a necessary part of his room, however so is somewhere to chill out. We will use bright colour and happy though peaceful artwork. We won’t get it all finished this week, but we will make a big difference to his space. I hope to share with you later this week.

Do you have different decorating styles for each of your children? Do you have any suggestions to help me out?

Nicole xxx

All images are from B’s Pinterest board, and can be found here.


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  1. I love that you got them to use Pinterest! Look forward to see his room transform.
    My kids are still young but I have matched their rooms to personality quite well. I recently added black to Master Ts room as instantly took toddler boy look away. Miss S has super girly room which suits her perfectly.

    1. Funny you should say that Leanne, the linen in B’s room has a base of black for that exact reason, it brings so much strength to the room. My step daughter had a really girly room, however at 12, we recently decorated her room in a less girly way. Must admit it made me a little sad that she is growing up already ?

  2. Pinterest and Instagram are my media of choice when it comes to room inspiration. How cool was that skateboard wheel drawer handle? I’m looking forward to seeing the room reveal at the end of the week. I’m planning to show my girls rooms because Phoebes nursery was finished by Christmas Eve and the items in her stocking were decor toys that fit in with the new room theme. ?

    1. Can’t wait to see the girls rooms Bec, I’ve not long finished my Step Daughters room, but being a great blogger, I forgot to take photos of the process, I will have to do a post about the finished product though. We finished hers in time for her Birthday, 19th December, so she also received Christmas and Birthday presents to match her room. ?

  3. That skateboard handle is way cool and I’m rather partial to those colourful lockers too! I love how the children have used some pinspiration! I can’t wait for the big reveal!

    1. Isn’t it awesome Sammie! I really love the lockers too. I’m really excited about this room, so much fun xx

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