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Inspired Space-Resort Style

Inspired Space-Resort Style

Adam and I have just returned from a four night getaway to Peppers Salt Resort and Spa in Kingscliff. To say this was divine, is an understatement. Our first break without children in four years, did not fail to impress. The relaxed feeling that comes with a holiday is something we have decided to replicate with our bar and pool area when it is finally time to build it. For now we can dream and plan, and here is a little of what we are dream about…


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Clever landscaping, lots of green, tropical plants and a little decking.

2df7585500c50426f8ec858953d873caImage Source

We will use the existing trees we have to provide screening from the neighbours, rather than using timber screens.

b27741a0b2658afbe4f8faa450719cf3Image Source

Umbrellas and pool furniture will be used to add a little luxury.

We plan on using bi-fold doors to open our bar room onto a deck, with wide decked stairs then leading to the pool. Glass fencing to keep it open and inviting, and on the back side of the pool, a sundeck for sipping cocktails as the summer sun goes down.

It’s all up in my head, now I just need to get drawing and planning.

Do you use Pinterest for inspiration? Do you have any tips for planning a pool area you could share?

Nicole xxx


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  1. So jealous right now. I would love to go there.
    We have a pool and the area is yikes….but we have just booked in a builder to build a deck! and then I can get some furniture.

    1. I loved having a deck around our last pool. It really extended the usage of the pool, in saying that the teenager would lie on the deck sunbaking, rather than swimming.

  2. I’ve been meaning to go there for ages! It looks fabulous! Jacob and I celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary in 2 weeks. This would have been ideal without kids. ?

    1. It is lovely Bec, you would really enjoy it. The resort is well equipped for children as well, they even have a kids club. Congratulations on you 10 year Wedding anniversary, that’s an awesome achievement!

  3. I could very easily have any of those pictures as my back yard thank you! So relaxing. I use pinterest all the time. Not for pool planning but for general planning of our new house.

    1. Isn’t just the best source on inspiration! xx

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