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Inspired Space-Pool Inspiration

Inspired Space-Pool Inspiration

Just about the only thing I miss from our old house, is the pool. We only had the pool for 2 years before we sold up and moved to our Pen Y Llechwedd, and it really was the most used part of our home. Our youngest could barely swim before we put it in, once in though, he would regularly become a wrinkly old man. As this first stage of our home is not long from being finished, we have started talking about what we would like to do with our back yard. A pool is top of the list, and here is some of the inspiration we were looking at over the weekend.

Our initial thoughts were for a formal pool and garden, straight lines and formal plantings.


Image Source

Image Source


Image Source

With time living in our space, we have come to feel that the pool would actually be better in a lagoon style, typical of a Queensland back yard. We have a good planting of tropical plants, and we really would prefer not to have to remove these. Our inspiration now looks a little more like this..


Image Source


Image Source

Our next step is to have a landscape designer come to our home and help us draw up some plans, from there we can begin.

Do you have a pool? Any tips you could share?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Hi Nicole

    I’m hoping you can help me, when you ask a landscaper to help you draw plans, do you pay them for those plans, or when you decide to go ahead?

    1. Hello Helena, most designers will charge you a fee for the drawing of plans, regardless of if you choose to go with them or not, because they are tailored to suit your individual requirements. If this is an issue, there are some website that will help you draw up a basic plan for free, however these tend not to take into consideration your particular block. The fee charged by most designers is quite modest though, it would be worth calling around a little to find someone that may suit your budget. Hope that helps xx

  2. thanks Nicole, we have a load of landscaping to do and are more than happy to pay for some design help – I was curious about the process which you have clarified, thanks again ?

    1. My pleasure, glad I could help ?

  3. Wow, awesome selection of pools.
    It is also great to see how your ideal style of pool as evolved as your environment changes.
    Has there been any progress on the pool?

    Just wanted to highlight that pool design progresses so fast, so it is important to keep doing research so that you can get the ideal pool for you.
    Some of the latest trends are having plunge pools, retractable decks and parts of the pool being installed inside the home.

    There are so many great concepts, so it is a great idea to bunch them all together so that you can create the ideal backyard resort for your lifestyle.

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