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Inspired Space-Master Bedroom

Inspired Space-Master Bedroom

Our bedroom is nearly complete, but before all is revealed, I wanted to show you what our motivation was. I’m interested to look back and see where we came from with our ideas and how it evolved over time. These are some of the very first images I pinned to my Pinterest boards…








And here is a little taste of where we are at so far…



Not far to go now, hopefully all finished by Christmas. What do you think, are we heading in a similar direction? Do you use Pinterest? You can find me here.

Nicole xxx

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  1. Oh that looks dreamy. Soooo dreamy. I must get on the Pinterest train, although I have to say, I’m a bit afraid that once I get on, I might never want to get off. I can’t wait for the big reveal!

    1. Only get on the Pinterest train if you are prepared to waste hours and hours drooling. xx

  2. I love it Nicole. I love how you’ve taken your inspiration but put your stamp on it. I love the bed head and the lamps. Looking forward to seeing it completed. x

    1. Thank you Bec, we are really happy with how this room is coming to shape. Feeling very proud xx

  3. You are definitely on track, your bedroom looks like it will be a beautiful and relaxing space. Nice work! Gotta love Pinterest inspiration ?

    1. Thank you Danielle, we are so happy with it. xx

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