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Inspired Space-Mantle Styling

Inspired Space-Mantle Styling

I have always wanted a fireplace with a mantle. They always look so romantic and add a warm, cozy feel. (literally as well :))

When we decided we were going to have one, our first obstacle was the VJ walls, which didn’t allow for a cavity to place the gas fireplace, so our options were to build out the entire wall or to simply build out for the fireplace. We didn’t like the thought of the room with only the fireplace built out, so we decided to build up to the picture rail and place the TV in there as well, eventually it will be behind a mirror, as we don’t watch TV much at all.



Now that it is in place, I get to style my mantle. Here are some of the images I am using for inspiration…



Image Source

Frames and candles, can’t go wrong.


Image Source

I love the Christmas decorating on this mantle.


Image Source

Ok, so not very practical, but oh how dreamy!


Image Source

I like how clean this looks.

Regardless of how we decided to decorate, I don’t think you can replace the charm of a mantle. Happy Monday friends, I hope you get a little time to dream for yourself today.

Do you have a mantle? How would you decorate yours?

Nicole xxx



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  1. Oh my! That Christmas mantle! When I lived in the UK we lived in a big Victorian house. We had some beautiful places with the original tiles and heavenly mantles. We totally took them for granted, though! Shame on me! I can’t wait to see how you style yours!

    1. Oh Sammie, how envious I am. I would love to live in the UK, with all its history and antiques. I will have to settle with a visit, hopefully really soon. x

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