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Inspired Space-Laundry

Inspired Space-Laundry

I have been dreaming about a new laundry. The one I currently have is small, it has unlined walls, no cabinetry, a rusty old tub, low ceilings (that wont change) and my beautiful new washer and dryer stacked on top of one another, just to make space. The best part of this, is the opportunity to dream about how to best use the space with a new laundry. Here is what I have been lusting after…


This picture is most similar to the design we think we will settle on, only our ceilings are too low for overhead cupboards.


Loving the splashback in this laundry!


Just love how tidy this compact laundry is.


The narrower bench tops after the washing machine, seem like such a practical idea. I love the open shelving on this one as well.

Our cabinet maker has been busy drawing up plans for us, so I can let myself get a little excited now. We should have a normal laundry by end of February, a birthday present to me ?

What would you like to change about your laundry? Any hints or tips you could share before we go ahead?

All images can be found on my Pinterest Laundry board, here.

Nicole xxx



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  1. I’ve just discovered your blog so I look forward to reading up! I dream of a new laundry too. Mine is a bathroom/laundry and with a family of 6 is not practical. Can’t wait to see what you do. Alison.

    1. Welcome Alison, so happy to meet you ? I promise just about anything we do will be an improvement on what we currently have ? The amount of washing our family of 7 makes will dictate plenty of room on the floor for them all to throw in on ? x

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