Inspired Space-Laundry

So I am still without a real laundry. I currently have a rusty old tub, and floor space for my washer and dryer, I kind of have walls, and that’s about it. It’s yucky and uninspiring, but, I do have the opportunity to create a new laundry, and that is something to look forward to. Here are a few of the images that I am crushing on…….


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This is about the space and shape I will have to work with. I really like the addition of the wine racks in the laundry, now there’s an idea I can work with, talk about inspiration!


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The space I have wont work with a door to close it off, so it has to be hidden within itself, these doors are an excellent idea.


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One of my all time favourites.


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This layout could work, and I love the sink. The roof in this part of my home is low, so overhead cupboards won’t work, but open shelving will help.

So what do you think of my inspiration? Do you have any tips you could share with me?

Nicole xxx

All images sourced via Pinterest.

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  1. I too am living with an undesirable laundry. At the moment the washer is in the bathroom between the toilet and bath tub and the waste water drains into the bath. This means we need to wash out the bath every time we need to bathe the kids. Urgh. Plus the dryer is in the dining/kitchen area fogging up all the windows because it isn’t vented.
    But soon we hope to have a laundry as nice as the ones above. It will have it’s own room and even a door straight outside to the washing line. It will be so lovely.

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