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Inspired Space-Hall Table Decorating

Inspired Space-Hall Table Decorating

I have a hall table to decorate…


It’s at our front door, the first thing you see as I open the door. Right now it has a candle on it and it has become a dumping ground for Adam’s keys, diary and work folders. So first things first, I needed to make a new ‘dumping’ ground for Adam to put his bits and pieces. The logical place is the library, which is right across from the hall table, and the place Adam and I spend most of business time. This room will be the last of the decorated spaces, as it is required for work, finding time to move everything out to complete the painting will be difficult. Maybe over the Christmas holidays……


Oh those shelves are going to take hours and hours to paint! As you walk in the door on the right, 2 of our filing cabinets stand, so I have cleared the top of one and created a dropping zone here.


I included a little cork board so that I can pin all those important school notes, for Adam to keep on top of it all.

Now to dream a little….





The common theme, seems to be lamps and mirrors, both of which I am still not sure about using. Mirrors are definitely out, as there is nothing to reflect in it other than the wall across, and a lamp will require a visit from the electrician. I do love candles and white flowers, so there will most definitely be these. I will also be considering that I will like to update this table as the seasons change, and no doubt add to it over time.

Do you have a hall table to decorate? Do you have any hints or tips you could share with me?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Oh how beautiful. I LOVE the lamps. I think I’d have to wait until my kids were a bit older to have a hallway like that – right now it just wouldn’t last. Alas!! Good luck with the painting. I pained three sets of stair bannisters in our house in England and it took FOREVER!!

    1. It’s certainly not my favourite job Robyn. ?

  2. I don’t have a table as such but i have a show cabinet. I have a mirror above mine despite fact its across from an empty wall. Its make the space feel brighter and have more interest. My shoe cabinet is narrow so on top is a plant and couple decorative balls.

    However nearby is my garage entrance which we have built in cupboards and stone bench. On there i have a large vase and a silver round bowl for hubby’s keys/sunnies/wallet. I have 3 framed hand painted water colour artworks.

    1. Sounds lovely Leanne, a show cabinet would be really nice. Your garage enterance is an excellent idea. Please tell me hubby has been trained and he leaves his stuff in the required space rather than all over the house??? xx

      1. Ooops ment to say a shoe cabinet haha. He mostly leaves it all in the bowl or at very least on the bench next to the bowl haha

  3. I love the mirrors, but maybe a nice painting or print. I also love candlebras or candles like glasshouse candles. Being a Heritage style home, you can’t go too modern. It needs to be classic styling. Even a bit of vintage. I used to have a hallway table and I used to have photoframes – with family photos in them. Sometimes we can get the styling so right but forget to inject ourselves into the décor. I love all the photos and yes I agree, those bookshelves in the library will be a pain to paint but once they are done it will look magnificent!

    1. Interesting you mention forgetting to inject some of ourselves into our spaces, it is something we were discussing last night. We have boxes and boxes of family photos that will work well around our home, but had forgotten we had them. ?

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