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Inspired Space-Garden Inspiration

Inspired Space-Garden Inspiration

This week, we changed the front garden. You may remember a few months ago, we ripped most of the former plantings out, and opted for a cottage type garden look.


Here is the “before”.


And the “After”.

We were happy with it for a while, however it didn’t reflect the style of our Pen Y Llechwedd the way in which we though was fitting, and so in the last few weeks, we’ve taken it all out, and started again. It is going to take some time to get the plantings right, and to change the hedging, so it will be a little while before I can share our actual garden with you, but here is our inspiration for our new formal front garden.


I am totally smitten with all things roses. These are our biggest inspiration for how we are planning our garden.


Standard roses are what tickles my fancy the most, in my opinion, they are more formal and cleaner looking than normal rose bushes.


That said, I do love a rambling rose, inviting you to walk its way.


Nothing says formal to me, like box hedging. We are fortunate enough to have a great deal of hedging in place already.


I love green, our planting will also reflect this. Big glossy leaves of dark green, I’d like the plants to spill over and prevent us seeing the soil underneath.


Here is a reminder of what the front of our home looks like, as you walk in the gate there is the little garden from above on the right, and box hedging on the left.

What are your thoughts on our formal garden plans? Are you a fan of roses? Any tips for me on looking after roses, I do have a brown thumb after all.

Nicole xxx

All images can be found on my Pinterest Garden Inspiration Board here.

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