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Inspired Space – Fireplaces

Inspired Space – Fireplaces

Recently we have been asked often about our fireplace. When we bought our home there was no fireplace, The Builder constructed the space that now holds our fireplace, but finding the right style of fireplace to suit our home, was a bit of a challenge. As usual Pinterest was my source of inspiration and this week I am sharing some of the fireplaces I loved along the way.

Fireplaces To Inspire

FireplaceImage via Studio McGee

At first we thought of adding a modern fireplace, to totally change up the space.

FireplaceImage via Period Ideas

However it was an open fire that really held the charm we were after.

FireplaceImage via Charlotte Bezzant

The character of the mantle was important to us.

FireplaceImage via Sand & Sisal

Although the appeal of a clean system was also high on the priority list.

Fireplace Image via Home Bunch

We did think seriously about installing gas system, for both ease, and cleanliness.

FireplaceImage via Elisabeth Heier

However we were concerned about the lack of atmosphere.

FireplaceImage via Washingtonian

FireplaceImage via M-PROJECTS

FireplaceImage via Earnest Home Co

When we finally built the area that houses our fireplace, we did so with a gas fire in mind, however we found a far more pleasing fireplace, that I will share with you later in the week. For now though, keep warm and cosy as the Winter cool sets in.

Do you have a fireplace at home? Is there anything better than the ambience a fire creates?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Hi Nicole, we are contemplating what to do with ours at the moment. We have recently purchased the house and the fireplace has been checked out and it is all OK, however there does seem to be a lot of smoke not going through the chimney. It is a great feature but not worth the smoke. I have also heard that the smoke will damage your paint eventually as well. We think we will replace the actual fire with a gas fire. I have seen the type I like in a coffee shop in the Adelaide Hills area. It looks like of proper fire but is totally fake. No smoke, the same feel as a real fire and so clean. Have you seen these around? Is so where? Is this what you would recommend?
    Thanks Chris & Narelle

  2. I didn’t realise your fireplace didn’t come with the house. It looks like it’s been there the whole time!

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