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Inspired Space-Firepit Style

Inspired Space-Firepit Style

When we made the decision to move into town, the only concern for us, was the lack of yard space. With 5 very active kids, who all prefer to be outside playing a game of football or cricket, we were concerned about finding a suburban block with enough room to do so. The truth is, we didn’t. When looking for land in a city setting, it is always highly unlikely that it would ever happen, however we found the next best thing. Neighbours who love our kids and are happy for them to use their yard, and we are surrounded by schools where the kids are welcome to use the sporting fields, anytime.

The only remaining possible issue is space for a pool and to entertain as young teenagers like to do. The pool is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later, and a little creative thinking has meant we were able to incorporate a firepit, close enough to the house for us to keep an eye on it, but far enough away the kids feel like they have some private space. The perfect compromise.

Here is an idea of what we were looking at for inspiration, although our finished area is nothing like what we were thinking originally.


Image Source


Image Source

We love this built in seating.


Image Source

Alas, I have no lake, but this is one hundred kinds of perfect!


Image Source

Again, we love the built in seating.

We haven’t gone in the natural stone type direction like we were originally thinking. We have used materials that we work with everyday, as this seemed more authentic to our family. With careful planting, over time, the seating will barely be obvious at all. Keep an eye out here, as I will share what we have done so far, later this week.

Are you a fan of a firepit? Do you like toasted marshmallows?

Nicole xxx

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