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Inspired Space-Dining Nook

Inspired Space-Dining Nook

Each time we sit down and plan our new kitchen we discuss at length the addition of a dining nook. This would give us a casual space for the kids to eat when they are on the run. (nearly every day) Have a little look at these images from Pinterest, that have been inspiring us…


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Image Source


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Do you like the idea of a kitchen nook? Do you have a formal and casual dining space?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I really like the idea of a kitchen nook! I don’t have one but after seeing these pictures i really like them.:)

    1. I just think they are the best idea, so practical. xx

  2. I’d love me a dining nook!

    1. I’m pretty excited by the thought of maybe having one too! xx

  3. I adore these especially the first and third ones. Wish I had a big enough space for this. Saving though for the future xx

    1. I love those too Deb! I’ve put them on my wish list xx

  4. Our place is small enough for just one dining area which has to double up both as smart and casual! I love those dining nooks though, aren’t they just gorgeous! Every dinner would be a winner served up there!

    1. Oh Sam, your a poet who doesn’t yet know it. xx

  5. I love the idea of a little kitchen nook! It is more of an American thing though isn’t it? Not that it matters, I just haven’t seen one in a home in real life before. I can picture having tea with friends, blogging, playing games with the kids there. Such a versatile spot!

    1. Definitely more American than Australian, I have just fallen in love with the idea of one I think. They always look so dreamy and Brady Bunch like. xx

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