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Inspired Space-Christmas

Inspired Space-Christmas

Being a step family, our Christmas is a little different to most. This year we are fortunate enough to have all our children home in our beautiful new home on Christmas day. I haven’t been this excited for a Christmas for as long as I can remember. Our Christmas’ are noisy, fun, full of laughter and way too much food, and never quite traditional. In fact when I think about it, the way we celebrate Christmas and decorate our home, is quite similar to the approach we have taken in renovating our Pen Y Llechwedd. Clean, simple, a little quirky with a respectful nod to tradition.

The first year we all spent together for Christmas, was our most difficult. Because the experience was new for all, we wanted to reflect that in the way we decorated and celebrated, and that all started with our tree. I will share our tree with you in another post prior to Christmas, however here are some images that reflect what our Christmas looks like.






What does your Christmas look like? Do you have a style or a theme?

Nicole xxx

All images can be found via my Pinterest page.


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