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Inspired Space-Car Accommodation

Inspired Space-Car Accommodation

As we move forward with the planning of the second stage of our extension, we have been looking at different ways to house our cars. We have three cars and two trailers, we also have a teenage daughter with a car, and are only a few years off the other 4 children getting their licences and purchasing cars, so car accommodation is a big thing.

Our biggest hurdle is wanting to ensure the house still retains is character when we put this part of the extension on, as it will be seen from the street. Being a ‘History Site’ there are some limitations on what we can do. Here is a reminder of what the street view of our house currently is…


Off to the right there, is where we are looking to put our car accommodation, with enough space for 4 vehicles. Here is a little of what we have been looking at…


The idea of this is right for us, it must mirror the house exactly, we do not need the breezeway in-between the house and garage, the window and door on this picture is a real source of inspiration.


Again with this picture, I love the way the garage mirrors the house.


The materials used, must absolutely be the same as the house.


Whilst this wouldn’t work for us, I LOVE these columns!


And this is like a dream, how I wish I owned the house to go along with this one!

I find as a general rule in Australia, we don’t tend to make garages a fancy part of the house, it is important to us to ensure that we make ours a true extension of our home, we have discussed putting in regular looking doors and windows to ensure continuity.

What are your thoughts on garages? Is it just a functional part of your home, or something of beauty?

Nicole xxx

All images can be found on my Pinterest page here.

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