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Inspired Space-Bedroom

Inspired Space-Bedroom

I’ve spoken about my bedroom inspiration here before. This week, I am showing you some of the other styles I like in a bedroom.


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I love colour, in the bedroom, I love soft muted colours. Warm and soft, this room just makes me feel like snuggling.


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I adore neutral colours, white, tans, greys of course. I love them all. I’m a huge fan of the coverlet in this picture, and the linen curtains are just divine.


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I love a variety of textures, the rattan in the bedside table, the faux fur pillow, sequins, cable throw, and soft bed linen, this room has it all for me.

All spaces are different, our bedroom lends itself to a more formal approach, most of what I have shown here today, would not feature well in our room. But, I love them just the same.

What are your favourite features in you bedroom? Do you use Pinterest for inspiration?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Love it. Xxx

  2. I love the colours in the first picture. I try not to look at Pinterest too much because I don’t want to be gripped by bedroom envy! These are just so dreamy! xx

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