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Inspired Space-Bathroom

Inspired Space-Bathroom

This week we have we received our bathroom accessories from Reece. We are committed to using the suppliers we use on a regular basis to make our renovation work, and Reece has delivered the goods. We are really happy with the extent of range we had to choose from, and the assistance from our rep Jess, made the process much easier. It has been a encouraging experience to be the customer, to see how our clients are being treated. Always looking to improve on what we offer our clients, we have learnt a few things along the way.

We are hoping to open our home as a display home before Christmas, and it really important to us, that the products we use, can be readily sourced for our clients as well.


Here is an idea of our inspiration;


Love this pedestal basin.


This mixer from Reece, will be perfect in the Laundry.


I’ve long been a fan of quarter turn taps, I like the clean lines of these.


This exposed shower set, will work well in the ensuite.


We both love a romantic spacious ensuite, however we have firm space constraints, so we will have to work with what we have.

Our end result is to be clean, not fussy, functional but with a nod to the era of the home. It will be a challenge to create what we wish for, with the space we have, though I feel confident we should be able to get there.

What would you like to have in your dream bathroom?

Nicole xx

Image one

Image two, three and four

Image five

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  1. I love all your choices! I can never decide which bathroom I like the most. I love modern with sleek fixtures but I also love your choices above. It all depends on the type of home you are renovating/building. Those choices are perfect for a Queenslander or Heritage type home. Reece does offer great variety too. ?

    1. Thank you Bec, we are really happy with the choices we have made for here too. Our last house was such a modern, sleek Queenslander, this is a big change for us. We are looking forward to getting them in place ?

  2. Your bathroom is going to be lovely xx

    1. Thank you Leanne, I hope you are right! xx

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