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Indoor Plants That Are Hard To Kill – #HIT

Indoor Plants That Are Hard To Kill – #HIT

I love to have plants inside, however I don’t have a great track record with keeping them alive. In fact, I have a great record on killing them! Recently I was encouraged to try again and so far have been having great luck with some giant birds of paradise, the ferns I have are not doing so well though. While researching alternatives that I might have a better chance at not killing, I thought perhaps this might be helpful for you as well. So here is my list of indoor plants that are hard to kill!

5 Indoor Plants That Are Hard to Kill



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I never thought of these gorgeous plants as indoor plants, even though I have a garden full of them. As hardy as they are beautiful, these guys will bring colour to your home year round. Best suited to a more modern home, though it wouldn’t look too out of place in any style of Queenslander. Available in so many different varieties, I am sure you will find on to please.

Cast Iron Plant

Actually called Aspidistra Elatior, this plant received it’s common name due to it’s nearly indestructible nature. A clumping plant with flowers that are interestingly grown at ground level. Leafy and green, this plant would be comfortable in just about all homes. Give it a water from time to time, and it will reward you with it’s beautiful foliage.

Jade Plant

One of my easy growing favourites, not at all easy to kill. The occasional water and a sunny position will have this plant growing happily for ever. Glossy small leaves, this plant looks striking in most homes. I was fortunate to be gifted one of these plants by my father many years ago, and have pulled bits off and stuck them in the soil, to surprisingly find them happily growing over time.


I LOVE this plant, while I have never owned one, I adore the shape of it’s leaves. Typically a rainforest plant, it loves a water and a shaded position. It has large leaves, and would be right at home in a Queenslander style home, or something more contemporary. They produce a fruit, in the form of a berry that smells not unlike garlic, so perhaps not one you would quickly eat!

Indoor Plants

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This plant is making a comeback! The Pothos plant can be grown in soil as well as water. A cutting can be easily taken from the mother plant, and then left to root in a jar or vase of water, where they will happily live. The plant has a plant like base and then send out vines which will grow in any direction they are sent. This plant is perfect for bathrooms, as they prefer low light, at the most can tolerate indirect sunlight occasionally. Great for kids bedrooms as well.

There are so many reasons to have indoor plants, from cleaning the air to the way it makes the home feel fresh and clean. We have a lot of ferns at the moment in “Pen Y Llechwedd” however they are not doing as well as I would like. Maybe the thumb I thought was green, has a brown tinge ?

Do you have indoor plants at your place? Is your thumb green or brown?

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  1. Very useful post – I have a totally black thumb but would love to have more plants in the house. I’ll be taking this list down to the nursery this weekend! Wish me luck as my track record is not good!!

    1. With these you will be fine, only an occasional water and they will reward you with happy green leaves ?

  2. I am totally bookmarking this post – I have brown thumbs AND brown fingers and am a serial plant killer from way back. The only plants I have inside are fake and the real, live things outside don’t fare much better unfortunately! I might have to give one of these a go!

    1. You make me giggle Miss Sammie, you don’t have brown thumbs and fingers, you’re just waiting to find the right plant! xx

  3. I’m onto my second fern under our alfresco area. I love Bromeliads and never considered them as an indoor plant. So far our peace lily is doing well and the succulent from the Masters night is still hanging in there. I have to admit I love plants in the house. I always bought fake but it’s good knowing the live plants can help clean the air. X

  4. Your post comes at excellent timing as I am trying so hard not to kill a Maiden Hair Fern and an orchid at the moment. I’m not holding out hight hopes for either, so I think I’ll bookmark this post for future reference ?

  5. I’m going to dig out some mothers in law tongue from the gully. They’re a pest plant down there but pretty inside, and, I’m unlikely to kill them!

    Half the plants in my house are plastic!

  6. I love this list and I never knew that bromeliads could go inside, I’m totally trying it.

    Thank you. I have a few fakes and a few reals in my place.

    I’m always cutting off leaves from outside palms and air plants work well in my place.

    I’m going to give these Pothos a go as I love the way they hang from a shelf.

    Have a great weekend lovely xx

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