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I Took A ‘Me’ Day And Learned Something About Myself

I Took A ‘Me’ Day And Learned Something About Myself

We’ve had a really busy, strange start to the year this year. It has been a roller coaster of emotions. Two weeks ago, was an especially highly charged week, that resulted in The Builder needing to work on a Saturday. Usually this means a busy day for me of ferrying children to and from sport as well getting all those pesky jobs around the house done. Alternatively, I will also work for the day.

I have always had a problem with switching off, especially when The Builder is busy working. I find it hard to justify having a break myself when there is so much to do. That particular Saturday, I was having a shower prior to helping get the kids out of the house, when I realised that I simply couldn’t do it. I couldn’t face another day of work for the week. I needed some space.

An idea began to grow and I made the decision to create a Me day. A day spent doing all those solo things that I loved to do. To give myself permission to take some time out. Not a decision made lightly as I had so very much to do, but one that I felt was absolutely necessary for my sanity.

So, after bidding farewell to the children and The Builder, I set off on my adventure. First stop on my me day, the flower markets, my most favourite place to visit and shop. I spent a gorgeous half an hour strolling around the markets finding my favourite flowers.

From there I visited my favourite shopping centre, determined to buy myself some new candles. While I was there I visited the book shop and purchased a book to read. A little bit more shopping before finally heading home. It was lunch time once home, and I made myself a fresh salad without fear of kids complaining that it was too healthy, too much green, I don’t like tomatoes.


I spent much of the afternoon faffing about, rearranging a few vignettes with music playing and candles burning. It was lovely, quiet and serene. The builder and the children returned home late in the afternoon and rather than focusing on the kids, we took a few moments together to grab a wine each and share a few drinks.

And then it hit me, while I had taken my me day, I had still been focusing on making my family happy as well as myself. I wanted to create a fresh warm environment for them to come home to after a full day at work. I thought I had missed what I set out to create for the day, a day about me. But in writing this today, I realised that I actually had exactly what I needed, a day about me and a day about my family because the 2 are so closely entwined, I find it impossible to separate one from the other. I am Nicole, wife mother and friend, all of which make me who I am.

Do you ever feel this way? What do you do to take time out for yourself? Had a me day lately?

Nicole xxx

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  1. This sounds just like what the doctor ordered! I think everyone needs some me time occasionally, what’s that saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup”? I’m so pleased you put yourself first because you are matter. I know you think your “me” day was for you, but in many ways, I bet the builder and the kids benefited too!

    1. Was the best day, and very needed. Shame you don’t live closer, we could have met for a sneaky lunch xx

  2. Such a beautiful post Nicole x

    1. Thank you xxxx

  3. I enjoy me time rather than me days. It’s a little difficult with little kids, but they are getting older and I love my escapes with girlfriends for dinner or dates with Jacob. When it’s just me, I enjoy reading a few pages of a book. I think you can be more productive when you have a day or some time off. Sounds like you had a lovely day. ?

    1. I am absolutely hopeless at reading a few pages from a book, once I start I can’t put it down! Fortunately I am a super quick reader and often finish a book in a morning, though I did stop reading for a few years, because there wasn’t enough time to devour a book in the time I had to read ?

  4. I find the same thing! That Making me happy and making the family happy are so closely entwined! I sometimes need time away from them but when I do I subconsciously end up doing/ getting things for them too!


    1. Yes, I feel that we are all one and the same, makes it nearly impossible to separate the two. xx

  5. I’ve taken a mental health day off today. I’ve had a stressful few weeks and it all blew up yesterday and today I just couldn’t. I’d like to have a bit of an active day but rest is needed more.

    1. I’m glad you took a day out! We all need them for so many reasons and taking time from stress is never a bad thing xx

  6. Love your flowers and vignettes. Good on you for taking the day. I don’t suffer from this problem- I take time for me all the time. Once the kids got to a reasonable age and I found myself again I never looked back. Enjoy this more regularly lovely- it shows kids that it is not selfish and it is actually an important thing to take time to recharge however works for you/them.

    1. I need to do more of this Deb, and foster the same self care thoughts you have. So important for all of the family and I would like to think I can set a good example for the children as well. xx

  7. What lovely flowers ? For me, I like hiding in a bubble bath with a good book. That’s me time. I actually wrote my post for today in the tub yesterday afternoon!

    1. I love a bath, but find it hard to relax in the bath when the kids are home, so rarely enjoy that peace and quiet. xx

  8. Me days are so important and if you can’t swing a day at least a few hours are essential to keeping healthy. I feel a bit indulgent at the moment because I am doing a lot of lying around and not much else but that is important too.

    Tell me about the book is it good?

    1. So true Cathy, any time we can get will help. I loved the book, I really enjoy the way she writes. I hope you are healing well xx

  9. The thing I do, every day, to recharge is read. I read fiction voraciously, although less now that I can’t stay awake long enough to read longer than about 10 minutes. But it just feeds who I am. A good holiday is days in a row of just reading.

    Lately I’ve been missing the women’s retreats I used to lead/attend. Or a weekend with girlfriends. I just don’t have that available any more, and I need to not be needed by anyone for a day or two. Since I work four days, I can take a night during the week….not sure when or how to make that happen just at the moment.

    1. I do love a good girls weekend away. There is something so special about women supporting and loving one another. So good for the soul. xx

  10. Oh mate that sounds like such a blissful day and a well-deserved one at that. It’s amazing how rejuvenating those little acts of self-care can be. We need to do way more of them x

    1. It was just delightful! Have put a few more in my diary xx

  11. Going to the flower markets is such a treat and a lovely sanctuary. The other evening I had a “me night”. Handmaid’s tale streaming, wine and cheese on the bedside table and me under the blankets. I never watch tv in bed and I never, ever eat there. So it felt all kinds of naughty and indulgent and wonderful ?

    1. Now that sounds like gorgeous “me” time. I have heard so much about the Handmaid’s Tale, will be checking it out this weekend. xx

  12. You are so right, you can’t have one without the other… good on you! xx

    1. Big hugs to you Em xxx

  13. Do you know – I had a day just like that today! I finally had a few hours of just me. So as today was my cleaning day, I cranked up the tunes and danced round the house while making it sparkle. I so needed that down time. It’s been rush rush rush for sooo long!! Oh how I wish flower markets were near by. I’d do some damage in the cc for sure ❤️

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