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Hydrangea Lane Home – Small Business Spotlight

Hydrangea Lane Home – Small Business Spotlight

I get really excited when I find a business that I love, even more excited when that business is owned by someone I call my friend. Hydrangea Lane Home is the brainchild of Kylie a Brisbane based interior designer who really understand the needs of homeowners. Through her experience, she’s founded a business to help you create the home you love. What I love the most, is the amount of options available on her website to ensure that you as the homeowner have a full choice of gorgeous products to style your home.

Hydrangea Lane Home

Through my own love of decorating, I have found how easy it is to change up the look of your home, with a change over of cushions, throws, or even lampshades. These simple items can take your home to the next level of decorating.

I must admit to changing the cushions and throws in my home on a seasonal basis, although only twice a year, it keeps our home feeling fresh. Such a small change can make a massive difference to the way your home feels, without breaking the budget.

In the Hydrangea Lane Home shop, there is a comprehensive range of fabrics for you to choose from, to create the perfect cushion selection for your home, alternatively, you can design your own lampshades, but the best part of these choices is that they are exclusive to Hydrangea Lane Home.

By exclusive I actually mean, Kylie personally designs everything from scratch!  She begins with the concept, which includes the colours and how she wants it arranged, from there she commissions a watercolour artist to paint some designs, like the flowers after which she will edit to create the perfect design, before sending to the printer in Melbourne. The cushions and lampshades are then made right here in Brisbane.

What an amazing process! So much of Kylie goes into each and every fabric design and the results are stunning.


Hydrangea Lane Home Cushion

Hydrangea Lane Home Cushion

Hydrangea Lane Home Cushion

Hydrangea Lane Home Cushion

Hydrangea Lane Home Cushion

Hydrangea Lane Home Lampshade

I was kindly gifted a cushion to use in my home, and the quality of the fabric far outweighs the quality I have paid up to double of the value of this range. The depth of the colour and it’s beautiful feel, really is better than I’ve experienced before.

If you’re ready to do some redecorating at home and want the luxury of knowing your choices are exclusive, without the exorbitant price tag, take a look at Kylie’s range of fabrics. There are over 400 designs to choose from and all made right here in Australia, unlike so many other fabrics.

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