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How To Write An Employment Ad – Toolbox Tips

How To Write An Employment Ad – Toolbox Tips

We have shared our tips for potential employees recently with the employment of our new office admin, now it’s time to share some tips for the other small businesses in our position ready to employ someone new. These tips could be used by any small business, however are being written for trade based businesses because that’s what we do. This week we are going to step right back to the beginning of the process and look at how to write an employment ad.

How To Write An Employment Ad That Will Attract The Right Kind of Applicants



As with everything small business decision the planning stage is the most important. Take the time before writing your add to plan what position you are needing to fill. Not sure? Then make a list of what you need to get done, or take it back even further and write a list of what needs to be done as a whole each week, and then divide the list up into what is not able to be done by anyone but yourself. This is a sure way to identify what is needed in the position and quickly. For example, The Builder and I took the time to write down everything that should get done in a week, then we allocated initials next to the jobs we were doing that couldn’t be done by anyone but ourselves, what was left took the form of 2 potions and therefore we were able to allocate some to an existing employee and some to the new staff member.

Write a Job Description

Once you have found what jobs you need the new employee to be doing each week, put it together into a job description. A job description will allow you to define the position, hopefully even giving it a title, for example, office administration. You will need to understand how many hours this position will be required to work, and where the staff member will need to work from. All critical information for your employment ad.

Do a Little Research

Before beginning to write your employment ad, take the time to search through recruitment sites like Seek to see how others are writing their ads. Understand how much information is required to be given, and begin to formulate a plan for writing your own. Do you want to stand out? Do you want to be exciting and be noticed? Then your language will need to reflect this. Do you have a brand, image or feel you would like to reflect in your ad? These are the thoughts you will need to formulate before you begin writing.

Write a Draft

All writing needs to start as a working draft, it generally will take a few tweaks to make it flow the way you wish. Start with an attention getting headline to help you stand out from the crowd. Depending on the feel you are looking for try headlines like, Are you fun and outgoing? or Would you like a career that can really take you somewhere? or Love the though of working in a family minded business? or Like to join our young dynamic team?

Keep Your Ad Brief But Informative

Informative doesn’t need waffle or to be boring, try to compact as much information as possible in a short paragraph. The kind of information you will want to include will be similar to but not limited to; where the job is located, how many hours are required, is this an entry level position or something that requires extensive training, is experience necessary? For example our recent advertisement read like this:

Are you fun, energetic, and looking for a refreshing new office administration position, in a dynamic, young, family run, construction company based in Ipswich?
Ideally you as the applicant, are looking for a flexible working environment in a company with which you can grow.
Data entry and MYOB experience preferred but not essential. Social media management experience a bonus.
This position will start @ a flexible 6 hours minimum per week which will grow as we continue to.
Please forward your resume or expression of interest to [email protected]

Gain Consultation On Your Draft

Once your advertisement is written, have a few people read over it for you and offer their honest reflections. Even the best writers have an editor look over their work, this process will help you identify any issues and have the time to rectify them before setting the ad out there. Remember this advertisement is showing everyone who your business is right from the beginning so you really want to take a little extra time to be sure you get it right. Don’t forget to SPELLCHECK!!

Take the Leap And Send It Out There

You’ve written your ad, edited it to have your voice and say all it needs too, now you need to send it free to do its thing, but where do you advertise? There are plenty of online places to place your ad, for example Seek, however depending on the type of applicants you are looking for, Facebook can be a great place to advertise at a reasonable price. We set our ad at a sponsored Facebook ad with a $50 budget and reached 9,687 people, which was far more than we anticipated. While not all the applicants were suitable, most of them were and of a high quality.

Don’t Forget To Follow Up

Such an important but often overlooked step, the follow up. It is really important to acknowledge EVERY application you receive, regardless of if it is suitable. Someone has taken the time to apply to your ad, now you must show the same respect and reply to all involved. Of course this doesn’t mean you have to interview each person, but simply send a quick email to let them know you have received their application and will be in touch if there are successful in gaining an interview.

That’s it, a quick and simple guide into writing an employment add. Give it a go, and hopefully before you know it you will be interview for your next position.

What questions do you have in your small business? Is there something we can help you with?

Nicole xxx




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