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How To Use Your Christmas Break To Prepare For Building Or Renovating

How To Use Your Christmas Break To Prepare For Building Or Renovating

So you are thinking about building or renovating in the new year, but where do you start? How do you know how to find a reputable builder, who can facilitate what you are dreaming of? Wondering how do you not get ripped off when building or renovating? I can help you with a solution to all of your questions. Let me explain how to use your Christmas break to prepare for building or renovating.

How To Use Your Christmas Break To Prepare For Building Or Renovating

We’ve all heard the stories of difficult builders or projects going wrong, but did you know in most cases, all of this can be avoided? Education is the simplest tool for you the consumer, to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls, that you can so easily fall into.

I only had a conversation just this week, with a colleague who made me aware, just how many clients walk into their contract meeting, without ever having seen the contract before. They literally have no idea what they are signing and trust the building team to talk them through the process, instead of asking for a copy of the contract, to careful read prior to signing. That sales team isn’t really there to talk you through the process, they are really there to ensure you sign the document, then locking you into their contract.

But how do you avoid that situation? With independent education. By having a firm understand of what your rights are as a consumer, and then having confidence in that knowledge to use it.

How do you get educated before you begin your process? That is where I come in. I have a newly developed series called Inside the Build, that will take you through the building or renovating process, right from finding a builder, to the completion of your home.

This course is designed for both renovations and new builds and can be used regardless of the type of builder you intend to use, project or custom. It gives you the behind the scenes knowledge and the confidence to use it, with the support of a private Facebook group to ensure that you can ask questions at any time in your process.

Over 18 easy to read modules, you’ll be stepped through every part of the process with some extras thrown in, to ensure we cover all likely scenarios. You will receive templates and checklists to help you refine the process. All back with the private Facebook group to ensure you have all the support you need.

Inside the Build will be going live any day now, and subscribers will be given an early bird discount of $50 as a thank you for being here, taking the course from $195 to only $145, for a limited time. You can register your interest here.

Are you planning a new build or renovation next year? Want to understand all their is to know, straight from The Builders Wife?

Nicole xxx

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