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How To Use Pinterest As A Small Business Tool - The Builder's Wife

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How To Use Pinterest As A Small Business Tool

How To Use Pinterest As A Small Business Tool

Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at social media and determining if it is a useful tool for small business, we’ve also looked at which platforms could suit your business. Pinterest was the one platform I had several questions about. Using Pinterest as a small business tool, couldn’t be simpler and it’s so effective.

How To Use Pinterest As A Small Business Tool

Pinterest is the land of amazing pictures and when you look a little deeper, incredible content. This is a great media for your small business to use to gain leverage but how? It’s so simple!

If you currently have a Pinterest account, my first tip is to change (if you haven’t already) your account to a business account. This will enable you to have access to the reports generated internally. It is always helpful to have information about what your visitors are engaging with.

Pinning is the most important part of Pinterest (obviously) however you should always have your media content plan in the forefront of your mind. For example, if you have an electrical business, there is little point to sharing and pinning clothing ideas, but sharing and pinning pictures with fantastic lighting, or inspirational rooms with gorgeous lighting, makes sense.

When pinning or sharing a pin, be sure to take the opportunity to share some information, however don’t use this as a selling point, instead use it as a point to educate or inspire.

If you have a blog on your website, share your blog posts as a way for your potential clients to learn from you. People value information, especially if it solves a problem or answers a question.

Pinning can be done from your phone or computer and can also be scheduled if necessary. Most importantly, pin and pin regularly.

It is super easy to do from your phone, and can be done on the run once your boards are all set and ready to go, simply re-pin pins to keep your pins ranking highly on the feed.

Every persons feed is different, so the key is to grow your audience. Growing can happen very quickly with a little time and well thought out pins, and once you are pinning within your own niche, you will find your own pin will quickly fill with similar for you to share.

Don’t forget that Pinterest is a search engine, and therefore when pinning your blogs posts or pictures that you share a description that answers a problem to be sure you label your pin appropriately. Use those key words in the beginning of your comment to ensure that you are easily found when a client is searching.

A word on image sharing, when creating an image for sharing on Pinterest, the more real estate you can take up the more likely you are to get noticed and shared. Use apps like canva and picmonkey to create longer images for you to share.

You can see in the screen shot above how the pin circled in yellow has taken up more real esate than the other pins on the page. This means it is taking up space of your potential competitors, and is so easy to make using the apps mentioned above.

Pinterest is a great tool for helping to establish trust with your potential clients and for generating leads for your business website, I encourage you to get started on it today!

Do you use Pinterest for business? Have you ever found yourself lost in the Pinterest maze?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Great tip about having a business account – I didn’t make the move for so long! I love Pinterest both to promote my blog and to get inspired with new ideas!

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