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How To Style a Sideboard

How To Style a Sideboard

By midway through the year, I am usually starting to feel the decorating itch settling in. Generally it is about now I like to change things up a bit.  One of the easiest to change is the sideboard, a larger flat surface that can take many styling options. Let’s take a little look at how to style a sideboard, this guide could also be used for hall tables, or coffee tables.

How To Style A Sideboard

Your sideboard or buffet should reflect the personality of your home. For us it’s all about blue and white which not only do I love the look of, but is a part of my Dutch heritage. When styling your sideboard, remember that you are essentially creating one large vignette or several smaller ones. Keep those rules about sizes, shapes, colours and textures in mind when creating your space.

When styling this sideboard, I created 2 vignettes and then added a bridging item to pull them both together. I prefer simplistic decorating and while you could easily add more to this side board, I feel it would become to over complicated.

Vignette one, is all about crystal and silver. These antique wine bottles were my first find, I use the candle holders on the table regularly and the dutch pieces are a nod to my heritage.

In vignette two, I have emphasized the blue and white by incorporating two large ginger jars. You will see that I have tied in the symmetry with the candle holders and the lamps on each side.

To bring it all together I added a bridging piece, in this case the soup terrine which is more white than blue which works to pull the two vignettes into harmony.

It really is as simple as that. Why not change up your own sideboard. I’d love to see what you create!

Do you love decorating as much as I do? What are should we look at next?

Nicole xxx



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