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How To Renovate A Bathroom On A Budget

How To Renovate A Bathroom On A Budget

First up I want to say I hate the word budget! This post will not be encouraging you to purchase the cheapest of everything or to DIY the whole project. Instead what it will do, is encourage you to look at all the options as there are many ways in which you can save on your project. Want to know how to renovate a bathroom on a budget, read on!

I am a firm believer in us all deserving the very best we can afford and in this post, I’ll show you a few ways to maximise your dollar.

How To Renovate A Bathroom On A Budget Without Compromising Quality

The bathroom like the kitchen is one of those areas in the home that will require the assistance of a professional. Several trades will need to be involved, electrician, plumber and waterproofer at the minimum. Depending on your scope of works, you may need to include a builder as well. Essentially if you are simply renovating what is existing, you won’t need a builder, making changes you likely will. In that case, it is best to speak with a builder before moving ahead.

Money Saving Tip One

In the case of a renovation of existing space only, co-ordinate the trades yourself. You can take out the builders margin by simply organising the renovation yourself. This can save upwards of 20% of your total project cost. For this to happen, you will need to have a firm understanding of the entire project, without that understanding, it could actually cost you more. I can hear you asking how??

Without understanding what trade is necessary when you could easily blow out your budget simply by calling in the trades at the wrong time. For example, if you called in the electrician at the wrong time, you could end up having to take down all the work the plasterer and or tiler did and having to redo it.

It is absolutely possible to run your own bathroom renovation, just so long as you are well informed.

Money Saving Tip Two

Regardless of your job type, there are sections of work you can do yourself! If you are working with a builder, discuss what they are happy for you to do. Most are more than happy for you to demo the room and clear out the site prior to them arriving on site. Word of warning though, ensure the plumber and the electrician have booth been before you attempt this, to ensure you are kept safe.

Painting is another job that you could consider, and some DIYers are even prepared to give tiling a try. Step back from your job, and assess what it is you have the skills to complete. This can save you plenty!

Money Saving Tip Three

Invest in the showpieces. Might sound like a strange tip as I am actually encouraging you to spend money, but in order to get a bathroom that looks expensive without breaking the bank, I suggest you invest in the showpieces in the room while working to find a bargain for the other items you’ll require. For example in our bathroom, we invested in the vanity, wall sconces and the floor and feature tiles only.

Investing in these few pieces elevates the look of the whole bathroom! I haven’t found a person yet who thought my ensuite looked like a budget bathroom and yet it was.

Money Saving Tip Four

Shop around!! Fixtures and fittings can be really expensive, but the savvy shopper will find most at a bargain price. Apart from the items listed above that we invested in, the rest of our bathroom was completed with budget items. The bath was only $800!! The chandelier was only $100. The reason they don’t look cheap or out of place is because they are neatly nestled next to the high-end products.

We could easily have spent upwards of $1000 for a chandelier, however, it wouldn’t have added any value to the room, nor would it have changed the overall appearance. Be smart with your money, save what you can.

Our wall tiles were $30 a square meter from Bunnings, likewise the towel rails and toilet roll holder were under $20 each. Shopping around can bring the biggest of savings!

Money Saving Tip Five

Get the professionals in. I know I referenced this at the beginning, however, it cannot be understated. You will save much more money in the long run, buy having the professionals do their parts where necessary. Dogy home wiring and plumbing will cost you in the short and long term! Your insurance will be compromised and your future sale price for your home could also be lessened. Worst case scenario your house could catch fire, you could be electrocuted, you could be flooded, at best you’ll be stuck getting a professional in to undo your work at a later date.

I want to make a special mention of waterproofing. While this is often dismissed as less important, just about every bathroom renovation we have ever done as builders have had bad or no waterproofing. Get the professionals in, do it properly and avoid dozens of nasty issues. The small initial outlay will save you potentially thousands if not tens of thousands in repair costs for waterproofing not completed properly.

In short, these 5 tips have the potential to save you many thousands of dollars. You could, of course, save much more by giving your bathroom a cosmetic renovation. If your bathroom is in good shape this may be a great option for you. Simply painting and updating a few fixtures and fittings may be all it takes to give you the freshen up you are after.

Have you renovated a bathroom on a budget? What room in your home would you renovate first?

Nicole xxx



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