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How To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home – 11 Easy Tips To Follow

How To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home – 11 Easy Tips To Follow

Very often I hear the same concerns shared time and time again. One of the most common concerns comes from rental tenants, with worries about how to make their house feel like home. In fact, the principals are the same for decorating even when the home you are in is not owned by you. It is possible to have your rental feel like home, not only possible but very easy too!

11 Ways To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

1. Share Your Personality

Regardless of who owns the property, for the time you are there, it is your home! While we cannot choose the colours, the fixtures or the fittings, we can choose everything else. Embrace your home like yours and treat it accordingly.

2. Window Dressings

make your rental feel like home

Via Rock My Style

Far too often in rental properties, the window dressings have long since seen their used by dates. That doesn’t mean you have to keep them there! Carefully remove them, but be sure to keep them ready to be replaced when you vacate the property. If you have curtains, you can easily replace them, alternatively, ask permission to add a new curtain rod (remembering you may need to remove them when you vacate) and freshen up the home with new curtains. Likewise, blinds can be replaced.

3. Hang Artwork

make your rental feel like home

Via The Everygirl

There are so many options now to hang your artwork without marking your walls! There are no longer excuses for letting your gorgeous artwork hide in a cupboard somewhere. Get it out and proudly hang it. Check out 3M hooks for the best results. If you don’t have artwork ready to hang, it doesn’t need to cost the earth. Check out Etsy for amazing artworks, alternatively, many online stores now have really reasonably priced artwork, that can be purchased digitally and printed at Officeworks and popped into a low-cost frame.

4. Rugs

make your rental feel like home

Via Urban Outfitters

Rugs are your best friend in a rental. Usually, flooring is long lasting and rarely as beautiful as we might like it, but you can fix that with rugs!! Not only do they cover a multitude of sins, but they also provide depth to your decorating by being your base layer. Rugs can go in every room in the house if need be. For maximum usage, look for neutral colours and allow your soft furnishings like throws and cushions to be where you add colour to your room.

5. Removable Wallpaper

make your rental feel like home

Via Juniper Home

Want a feature wall? Can’t stand the colour in a room? Why not use removable wallpaper to change it up! Perfect for a kids room or a feature, the new generation of removable wallpaper is as easy to apply as it is to remove. What a wonderful way to inject your personality into your home.

6. Lighting

Most rentals have pretty stark lighting, and this isn’t the best for making your house feel like a home. Instead, strategically place lamps around your home and use them for your lighting instead. In fact, this is a trick I use in all of our homes to ensure the warmth and comfort we all love in our home environment. We have lamps in every room but the bathrooms and my favourite part of the day is when the sunlight begins to fail and I can light my lamps.

7. Use Greenery

make your rental feel like home

Via Coco Republic

I feel using greenery is the most underrated decorating tool. Plants, flowers and greenery make your home feel alive! With a rental home so often being decorated in a bland palette, using greenery as a decorating tool, is a great way to liven up the home.

8. Decorate The Entry

Decorating for me begins at the front door. The moment you step up to the door and it opens, you should feel as though you have arrived home. Therefore it makes sense to decorate your entry. If you can do so outside first with a beautiful welcome mat, some plants and even a lantern or two, then continue into your entry. Rugs, plants and nicknacks on a hall table make for a great warm welcome.

9. Storage Options

make your rental feel like home

Via Remodelista

Sadly, many older rental properties are lacking in the storage department, but you can easily fix this with freestanding storage solutions. Bookcases can make fantastic room dividers, and double up as storage for your home. With a little creative thinking, you can increase your storage capacity and decorate at the same time.

10. Photos

make your rental feel like home

Via Park & Oak Interiors

Don’t underestimate the power of family photos to make a house feel like home. Place them on side tables, buffets or gallery walls, but have them out for all to see. Nothing like the cheery faces of your loved ones to make you feel at home.

11. Love Your Gardens

Nothing says home like a well-loved garden. An unfortunate reality of rentals is many owners are not interested in investing in the garden in case the tenants don’t show it the appropriate care. With a little love, attention and some cuttings from friends, you can have yourself a beautiful garden at little or no cost. Alternatively, you can use pots to bring your garden to life. Herbs are inexpensive and easy to grow in pots. You can even purchase some low cost removable raised gardens if you’d prefer.

No matter where you live, you can take simple and low-cost steps to make your house feel like home.

How have you made your house feel like home?

Nicole xxx

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