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How To Give Your Home A Spring Freshen

How To Give Your Home A Spring Freshen

Can you believe it will be Spring on the weekend? Up here is Brisbane, we have barely had any form of Winter and I am struggling to believe that before we know it we will be complaining about the heat again! It’s that time of year of a good freshen of your home in time for Spring. This weekend for me will be all about cleaning (which I secretly love) and moving out the heavy home decor items of Winter in favour of lighter fresher home decor for Spring.

How To Give Your Home A Freshen Up For Spring

Get In And Give It A Good Clean

While I actually love cleaning, there are some areas I leave for the change in season, typically Autumn and Spring. Big jobs that don’t need to be done on a weekly basis, like washing walls, windows and screens or tidying up cupboards tend to get done at this time of year for me. Mostly because I am putting away bigger chunkier items like quilts and heavy throw rugs, or doing the reverse as the cooler weather arrives.

Generally a weekend spent getting some of these bigger jobs done, provides me with more time on usual weekends to relax and enjoy instead of cleaning.

Freshen Up Your Decor

The cooler months are dark and we want to feel warm and cosy in our home, Spring brings a fresh change to the air and this is great to reflect in our interiors.

Darker heavy throw rugs, get bundled up into storage, the linen changes on our beds, and we tend to reflect a more neutral fresh palette around our home at this time of year.

We don’t put away the throw rugs etc, just sub them out for lighter ones, both in colour and texture. Throw rugs still add a feeling of warmth to the home, which is important for that homely feeling, but of course with the warmer weather, lighter throws make more sense.

Photo: Hannah Puechmarin Styling: Rachael Honner Interior: Nicole The Builder’s Wife

We have throws and cushions that we use for the cooler months, and another set for the warmer months and while this is not necessary as such, it does help us feel cooler/warmer depending on the season.

Bring The Outside In

Spring is that time of year that the windows are open to hear the birds chirping and to see the flowers blooming. It’s also a great time of year to bring some of natures gifts inside.

Foliage and flowers made gorgeous centerpieces on tables and features throughout your home, all while reflecting the change in season.

Opening doors and windows will help to blow the staleness of the cold months away and allow the light to filter through.

Bring in some new indoor plants, for a fresh new feel for each room. Not only does the colour of the plant reflect the beautiful changes taking place outside your home, but the plants work well to filter the air in our homes.

Fleurs De France

Scent Your Home

I burn candles every day, I love the mood the light of a candle can bring, but also feel smell has a powerful place in home decorating. In Winter I choose heavier scents, like Sandalwood, musk and vanilla. In Spring I like fresh light scents that have a floral base.

Home decorating should engage as many of the senses as possible and candles are a great way to layer a fresh scent in your home.

It only takes a few small changes to freshen up your home for Spring, perhaps there are a few of these tips that can help you as well.

Are you ready for the change Spring brings? Are you a Summer or Winter person?



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  1. I’m like Goldilocks so I like it not too hot and not too cold. I actually prefer Australian winter to Australian summer, which is a little too hot for my liking! I love the idea of swapping out the scent for the candles – what a great excuse to “invest” in some candles!

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