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How to get Your Bedroom Ready for Spring

How to get Your Bedroom Ready for Spring

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Spring is by far, my favourite season of the year – it isn’t too hot and it isn’t too cold, it’s just right. It’s also a great time of year to carry out your yearly (or maybe even half yearly) spring clean. If you are anything like us, you will likely have collected a lot o junk that’s just sitting in your bedroom, taking up space. A good clean out, will not only make your bedroom spick and span, it will make you feel so much more comfortable in your space. After you’ve had a good clean out, you might also consider going the extra mile and doing some of the following to really kick of this amazing season!


My favourite of all spring cleaning tips, get rid of anything you don’t use or wear. If you haven’t used something in the last 6 months, or worn something in the last year, you should probably let it go. Consider donating your clothes to friends or charities, and throw away anything that’s broken. If you are more crafty than I am, how about upcycling some of your unwanted goodies, but just be sure these items will be used and not left lying around, still getting in the way.


Upgrade Linen

Your linen and pillows have no doubt seen a lot of use this winter and spring is the perfect time to throw out any old dogy or tattered blankets. Check your quilts and pillows to make sure they are still nice, fresh and fluffy – if they feel a bit flat, it’s probably time to go shopping. If this sounds like a predicament you might be finding yourself in sometime soon, bedding and linen specialists like MiniJumbuk can help you find the prefect match for your and your individual situation – just visit the MiniJumbuk website for a look at their offerings.


Fresh Flowers

There is really nothing that makes a space feel fresh and spring like, like fresh flowers. Consider using fresh flowers in your bedroom on a weekly basis to brighten up your room. A non-negotiable in our house, if it’s not fresh flowers from the garden, it’s herbs or foliage from the neighbours garden. It is a really simple inexpensive way to bring the feeling of spring into the bedroom.



As I’ve spoken about here before, we change our decor just slightly with the change of each season. I like to lighten up the colours used in the bedroom, put away the throw rugs and incorporate some fresh spring colours as an accent into the room. Be sure to stick to only a few colours so as not to clash too heavily.

Spring introduces a bit of life and colour back into everyday life, after the cool and relative bleakness of winter. These are just a few simple ideas to help truely banish those winter blues, and help you experience the energy and freshness of this wonderful season. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of spring, it is still a great time to do a thorough clean of you room and your house, something we often don’t get time to do.

Is spring your favourite season? Do it leave you feeling inspired? Are you a spring cleaner? Got any other tips to share?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Winter has always been my favourite season to snuggle up and breath in the fresh cool air, but this year, for some reason I am absolutely loving Spring. I’ve had the snapdragons and lillies in vases and it really is a breath of fresh air to the living areas. Unfortunately Mr. G has hayfever and I”m not sure if flowers in the bedroom would win me any best wife awards. I love the idea of changing the bed linen, a good excuse for me to go out and buy some new and bright stuff…And yes, I really need to clear out the crap in our room!

    1. I think we all have a little corner of crap to clean out after winter. I had the whole library to give a great clean to yesterday, looks and feels so much better. xx

  2. Our room needs a good spring clean! I was thinking that the other day when trying to find warmer clothes.
    Spring is my favourite season. All the beautiful flowers, and the promise of increasing warmth, is a great combination ?

    1. Oh and the baby animals, I love the baby animals.xx

  3. Yes, spring definitely is my favourite season. It used to be summer, but now I just find it too hot. I’m looking forward to doing some decluttering and get some air into the house very soon.

    1. Nothing like fresh air to make the house feel clean. xx

  4. I love Spring! All Winter I look forward to Spring. We gave all the rooms a Spring clean & changed the linen over to lighter, summery options.. Although I haven’t been able to part with my flannelette sheets as yet! It’s still too chilly in the mornings for me ?

    1. Yes, me too. It’s so chilly today, especially after the warmth of yesterday.

  5. Lovely peek into your home. Moving house makes for the biggest spring clean ever I’ve done so much decluttering, getting new linens for our new bed is next on my list, we won’t be needing our winter ones in Townsville!

    1. You’re doing the ultimate spring clean! Moving is the best way to spring clean and declutter. You are right, no real need for winter woolies in Townsville xx

  6. My office needs a good spring clean! Oh my I have stuff everywhere! I also love Spring because its the perfect weather and the days are just glorious. xx

    1. Totally the best time of the year xx

  7. I just did a HUGE spring clean of my bedroom, in fact I have 3 big bags to take off to Life Line. Soring is my favourite season as well, and wish the Spring weather would continue for much longer up here in North QLD x

    1. Awesome work! I do need to clean out my wardrobe, plenty of clothes in there that no longer fit, time to make room for some new ones ? xx

  8. I don’t mind Spring, because it holds the hope of Summer being just around the corner. I am trying to make the most of this ‘in between’ season to tidy up a bit and I’d love to get some new linen.

    1. Oh summer, it seems to be a long way off this week, at least where we are. It’s so cold here still!

  9. Spring is hands down my fave season.. especially knowing we still have summer to look forward to. And yep, I am a spring cleaner… an avid spring cleaner who usually cant wait and starts mid winter. Always impatient I am ? xx

    1. Love spring Sonia! I am also an early spring cleaner, love the way it makes the house feel. xx

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