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How To Find A House Plan To Suit

How To Find A House Plan To Suit

One of the biggest mistakes I made the first time I built a home, was to fall in love with a house plan before I purchased the land. Of course the house plan didn’t suit the block at all and I had to give up on something I had my heart set on. To save you the heartbreak, I’ve put together a few tips to help you out!

How To Find A House Plan To Suit

Choosing a house plan for you home is both exciting and terrifying at once. I’m hoping this post will take away some of the fear and add to the excitement. It’s important to note, I’m not an architect or building designer, these tips are practical tips that can be implemented by all of us building or renovating.

Renovation or Extension

Let’s start with the smallest topic, renovations and extensions. If you are renovating or extending your home, you will need to have you plans drawn for your project. There are no standard plans as each existing house is different, likewise your personal requirements.

As builders we recommend you working with your building to find the right architect for your project, especially if your builder specialises in your style of renovation or extension. Alternatively you can have your plans drawn and take them to your builder when you are ready.

New Build in New Estate

In large new estates, you will generally find lots of project builders who are standing at the ready with many plan options. It can be time consuming, but these builders are professionals at what they do and their processes can be really helpful in finding a plan to suit the block you are buying.

This can also give you the flexibility of choosing a block around the plans you like, providing the block of land is available and your budget extends to any extras you might incur for example the cost of the cut and fill of the block. (this is to create a pad for your home to sit on and even the slightest of fall on a block can add a significant amount to you build costs)

New Build Existing Estate

If you are purchasing one of the last blocks left in an estate, or you have a block that has been vacant in a build up area, you are unlikely to find a builder with a plan ready for that block. You do have several options though, project builders have 100’s of plan to choose from and most can adapt to suit your block, alternatively you can work with your builder and their architect to draw something suitable for your block, or you can work with your chosen architect first.

Again it is important to understand your block and the likely extra costs before moving through too much of the process, as each block comes with its differences. Time and time again we hear stories about the hidden cost of a cut and fill, that could have been avoided with an appropriately designed house. Talk to your builder about your block before choosing your plan, and you’ll have an idea of costings before making your plan decision.

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