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How To Decorate With Indoor Plants – #HIT

How To Decorate With Indoor Plants – #HIT

Plants are a great way to finish a space, to bring another element into your home and to create a lush healthy home. Last week we looked at some inspirational indoor plant decorating ideas, today let’s explore ours. While not all plants are suitable to be kept indoors, there are plenty of easy to care for varieties to choose from. We have plants in many of the rooms of our home, simply because I love how they make me feel. I enjoy the feeling of bringing the outside in. If you have a brown thumb, there is nothing wrong with the faux variety either!

We have used these palms either side our TV wall to make the space feel full without a solid blocking piece. While we could have used cabinetry or furniture to fill this space, but the result would be a heavy room, the palms lighten it.


I love plant stands, and having an old home, we are able to embrace the antique variety, that said there are plenty of modern stands around that you could use in a more modern home.



indoor plants

We have a plant in our bedroom because I feel it fosters good sleep. With so much technology in our home, we like to bring as much nature in as possible.

We have used quite a few plants in the childrens tv space, for their calming qualities, as well as providing them with the responsibility of looking after something other than themselves but they also make a great decorating tool.


We also have a good number of orchids that we keep rotating around our home.

indoor plants



We also use many plants on our decks to keep us feeling really connected to the nature around us.


Plants are an easy natural element to incorporate into decorating your home. I would love to see how you have used them.

Are you a lover of plants? Green thumb or brown? What is your favourite indoor plant?


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  1. I’m a brown thumb unfortunately, but I would like to change that. We have one plant in the house, but I love the thought of a plant in the bedroom and bathroom. We have plenty outdoors which we love.

    1. My thumb until recent years was also brown, very brown. Mostly I was either over or under watering the plants. ?

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