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How to Create a Teenagers Retreat

How to Create a Teenagers Retreat

We have a house full of teenagers and one by one, we are creating beautiful spaces for them to enjoy, afterall if they are going to spend so much time in their bedrooms, it may as well be an inviting, safe haven. We are on to the final bedroom for our kids, Master 13, Master 14 and Miss 13 have all had their makeovers, soon it will be time for Master 12. Along the way I’ve picked up a few really important tips to ensure it’s a space they are able to relax in.

3 Tips to Help Create A Teenagers Retreat

Choose Your Colours Thoughtfully

Do a little research into the psychology of colours especially on children, when choosing the wall colours. Look for soothing light blues, cream and whites. Neutral colours are easier to accent later, while strong wall colours can play havoc with your busy teenagers mind. Bring in brighter colours in your bedding, cushions and pictures on the wall, perhaps even a bright rug. Light and airy colours will help to lift the mood of your teenager, dark oppressive colours can lower the quality of mood and even effect sleep.

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Give Your Teen A Supportive Place to Rest Their Body

The single biggest purchase in our teenagers rooms have been their beds. We spent a great deal of time researching the best options for their growing busy bodies. With the boys training for up to 4 hours a day on several days a week, they need a bed that will support their bodies in a gentle but firm way. Enlist the help of professionals such as the team at Sleepy’s to ensure you spend your money on the right option for your teen.

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Get Your Teen Involved

Teenagers have strong opinion about what it is they want. Don’t take this lightly, if you are to create a space for them to enjoy, their opinion needs to be taken into consideration. Having said this, we vetoed a few of the choices the kids wanted to make, as they would not provide the best outcome. Have your teen make an inspiration board on Pinterest, and then discuss what can be taken from those images and used in their rooms. Places such as Kmart, Target and Big W all have inexpensive accent pieces that are right on trend.

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Creating a teenage retreat should be a fun experience for both you and your teen. The teenage years are sometimes difficult ones to navigate, helping to create a safe space for them to retreat to when necessary is a valuable and rewarding experience.

Have you decorated your teens room? Would you like to share on my Facebook page?

Nicole xxx

This post was written in collaboration with Sleepy’s.


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  1. I love all of these spaces, so calming and welcoming, and all with such different personalities :). Great job!

    1. Thank you lovely! The kids love their rooms ? xx

  2. Great tips Nicole. Love how you’ve styled the rooms for your kids.

    1. Thank you Bec xx

  3. Clever! Teens can be so difficult. I’m planning to get a high bed for my 10 daughter. I don’t know how do you call them, so that she will have her secret space and her brother won’t go into her bed anytime…
    xx cathy

  4. What a great looking room!
    Picking colour combinations is the first thing I start with when decorating as well and then work from there ?

  5. […] Nicole from The Builder’s Wife created this teenage retreat for her son. Technically not a room for a ‘kid’, it still works well for a tween room as well. The bed linen and decor pieces were purchased from Target and Kmart. Nicole shares her tips on how to create a children’s retreat in this post. […]

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