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How to Create a Mood With Lighting – HIT

How to Create a Mood With Lighting – HIT

Lighting can change the mood of any space. Just consider the lighting next time you go to the supermarket and how it is bare and harsh, then compare it to your favourite coffee shop. How do you feel when you are at the supermarket, compared to how do you feel when you are in your favourite coffee shop? I don’t know about you, but I most certainly prefer the lighting to be warm and comforting, in most of my home. There are areas of course in which you will need strong clear lighting, the kitchen for example, however the rest of your home can be made to feel so much cosier with the right lighting. We had a look at some inspirational lighting examples on Monday, now let’s look how to create the mood.


How To Create A Mood With Lighting


I am not a fan of bright white light, except in the kitchen where I feel it necessary as it doesn’t cast as many shadows. For everywhere else in your home remember warm light is your friend. Warm light is soft and warm, rather than the harsh cool white light. When buying bulbs for your light always choose warm light instead of white light to keep the warm mood through your home. It is like a big warm hug all done with bulbs.



Lamps are your friend. I don’t think you can have too many lamps. The only time we use our main chandeliers is when we are working at the dinning table or if we are displaying our home. All other times we use lamps. We have lamps in the bedrooms, the entry, dinning room, lounge and even the kitchen for those times when the cooking is done and we are looking to soften the mood. All of our lamps have warm bulbs to continue the warmth around our home. Lamps can be placed anywhere and be used for display or simply to light a dark corner. I love placing lamps near mirrors to magnify the light provided.



Candles are fanstastic for creating a soothing mood. On busy days, where the kids are out late with sport, I make sure all the candles are light as soon as they arrive home, and find this calms them as soon as they walk in the door. Fragranced candles are especially helpful for helping to calm a space, lavender is a winner at bedtime. Candles are also very romantic, and extremely flattering, great for date nights ?




Fire is the ultimate mood creater. If you have space for a fireplace, it is worth the investment. When we first renovated our home, we added a dummy fireplace with view of having a gas one installed in time to come. Since then we have just not found a gas fire we were happy with. We did however, find a fire than ran on metholated spirits, that emits no smell. It is fantastic, providing the real flames without the hassle of splitting wood or the clean up. The fire is the perfect compromise for us who enjoy the ambience the fire creates without the work, and with the convenience of the reverse cycle air conditioner to do the hard work.



The feel or mood of a room can be changed ever so easily when using lighting. A combination of all listed work wonderfully throughout a home.



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While it wasn’t a big link up last week, we did have some quality regular linkers join us.

Sarah from TOMFO has some of the best hacks I’ve seen on the net, like last weeks Monochrome Ikea Besta TV Wall Unit Hack


Michelle from Jarrah Jungle shared this awesome DIY Wrapping Station and Greeting Card Box all for under $50!


I thrive on tidy and organised, so this post was a real winner for me ?

Will you be linking up today?






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  1. Good post here lovely. I tend to use lamps through out the house and diffusers with a night light in the girls rooms. The biggest thing I consider when choosing our lighting is the overall electricity expense. Just loving the pics of your home in this post too. x

    1. That’s a fair point! I am unsure if lamps are less expensive to run that regular lighting, but it sure feels that way when it’s not all bright and glarey. xx

  2. I’m absolutely loving your fireplace! I too am a HUGE fan of mood lighting, particularly with the yukky LED bulbs that are popular. We very rarely use normal lights in our home, it’s always lamps and I LOVE candles, I go through so many! We made the mistake of having 6 LED lights put into our deck roof…big mistake, way too bright! I need to get them changed to a warmer bulb I think or just stick with fairy lights. x

    1. Could you have a dimmer switch put onto your deck lights? This might fix the problem and allow for all kinds of lighting on your deck xx

  3. I LOVE your fireplace too! We mostly use lamps and although I love candles, I rarely use them, I’m too scared of knocking them over!

    1. I went through a stage like that, especially after my brother house fire. I am back to loving and using them daily now. Just very wary of where I put them. xx

  4. Oh I’m a massive fan of lighting, I don’t think you can ever have enough. Your fireplace is just gorgeous, I love it too, there’s just something about a fireplace I reckon.
    Call me crazy but I love a white light, I only buy the white, so it helps with photography at night time. But I totally get the warm version, when it’s night time, I use lamps and pendants that reflect texture patterns to make the lighting softer, much like warm light bulbs.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my Ikea Hack, you are gorgeous!

    1. I love the texture a lamp of pendant can throw off into a room. Just another feature to enjoy in your gorgeous home. xx

  5. I love candles and if I could have a fireplace I would be loving that too. We nearly bought a house on the fireplace alone… then I gave myself a slap because that’s all it had really on a tiny block..

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