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How To Calculate The Amount of Tiles Required

How To Calculate The Amount of Tiles Required

Last week we looked at How to Calculate Floor Space, this week we need to know how to calculate the amount of tiles required to fill that floor space. While a simple sum, I do have a couple of handy tips to share.

How To Calculate The Amount of Tiles Required

Once you have calculated the floor or wall space in the room you are tiling, it is simple to convert that to the amount of tiles you will need to order. Something I didn’t know prior to being in the construction industry is that tiles are ordered by the square meter, which is exactly the measurement you will have. Having said that, you will need to allow for cuts made to tiles to fit them into all the corners etc. This is where my two handy tips come in!

how to calculate tiles

Tip 1

Allowing for waste. There is always going to be waste in tiling, the trick is to know how much to allow for waste so that you don’t get to the end of your job and find you do not quite have enough to finish. Always allow 10% extra for waste. When tiling there will be many cuts that need to be made to fit the tiles neatly into a space, each cut means the other part of the tile becomes waste. Allowing 10% extra will ensure there will be enough tiles, without a ridiculous amount being left over.

Tip 2

Again when looking at what quantity to order, an allowance must be made for feature tiles or mosaics. These tiles will need an extra waste allowance, generally 15% as this special tiling will generally have a pattern to follow or a particular way in which the tiles need to be laid to ensure the continuity of the pattern.

When searching the internet, I found that Bunnings have this handy Floor Calculator, that can help you calculate your floor space and how much it will cost to cover that space. While it does not allow for waste, now you have a guide on how much waste to allow for, you will know to add it in.

Have you tiled an area recently? Planning a bathroom reno? What colour are the tiles in your bathroom?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Oh cool! Thanks for that one. We have re-tiled the floor in our old house and I remember watching how the tiler decided to lay them. He went ‘herringbone’ style even though they were largish tiles. One day, when we finally get a place of our own I may be wanting to remember that Bunnings calculator to show hub. He is currently building me a new chest of drawers with hutch. He needs to ‘build’ even though this is not our place!! Denyse #teamIBOT

    1. I totally understand where your husband is coming from Denyse, there is such a feeling of satisfaction when building or taking on a project. 🙂

  2. Great tips and good to have that Bunnings Calculator available when making estimate calculations. 🙂

    1. It sure is a handy tool xx

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