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How to Become an Apprentice Carpenter

How to Become an Apprentice Carpenter

In my other life as the business manager to our construction company, I find that I am approached at least monthly by school aged students looking to gain a school based traineeship. Did you know there are many ways to land your self an apprenticeship? Would you like to know how to become an apprentice carpenter? If so, read on.


How to Become An Apprentice Carpenter

School Based Traineeship

We have an apprentice, Rylee, who started with us when he was in year 10 at high school. While completing his studies, Rylee was able to work with us one day a week, and was also given some time at school to complete the first year of his apprenticeship studies. This is a great option for employers and employees alike, the student is given time to grow and learn, all before taking on the commitment of a full time position. The same can be said for the employer, who is given a great length of time to test if this apprentice will be the right fit for the business. In our case it has worked very well.

Approach a Carpenter

If you have already finished school or are looking to change careers, a great way to secure an apprenticeship is to directly approach a carpenter. Obviously we are talking about a carpenter that has his or her own business and is able to provide you with an employment opportunity. Consider contacting your local HIA office for a list of carpenters near you. When contacting a potential employer, be clear and concise about who you are and what you are looking for. Be careful not to hassle the carpenter, but do remember that like all business owners carpenters are busy and may need you to chase them up a little.

Approach a Builder

This option is nearly identical as the above option. It is worth noting that bigger builders are rarely ‘on the tools’ so you may actually be taught by a foreman or another carpenter. The size of the builder will most definitely impact the type of work you will be doing and in many cases there is also option for commercial work which can be of great interest. Bigger builders often have strict pathways to follow to gain employment, be sure to take the time to check out any websites for this direction prior to contacting your chosen builder.

Sign on With a Reputable Training Company

Many training companies will sign on good apprentices when they find them, and then work side by side with the apprentice and employers to find the right fit for all. Look for reputable training companies, take your time to research the best company for you. Some training is now also available online, which could potentially give you an opportunity to be exposed to a bigger field of host employers.

Start With Work Experience While You Are At School

Generations change and with it comes the potential for employers and employees to find it more difficult to fit. I know that we struggled at times to make our relationship with our apprentice work, and the time we had with him prior to signing him on, gave him and the Builder an opportunity to work through some small issues. Being keen enough to show up to work for a small period of time for free, shows great character and dedication. Two very attractive attributes to a potential employer.

As you can see there are very many different angles you can take to reach your goal of becoming an apprentice carpenter. Being a carpenter is a truly rewarding career, it provides you with the opportunity to work with many different people, all over the area in which you live. No two days are the same, and the option is there to create your own business if or when you are ready. You can meet our builder here.

Remember that prior to stepping foot onto a building site, you will need to have obtained a white card, which will give you the basic safety skills necessary to work in the construction industry. These are able to be done online now for a small cost.

Are you interested in becoming a tradesperson? Ever dreamed of owning your own business?

Nicole xxx

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  1. What a lucky young man Rylee is! I think being a carpenter would be a wonderful career – such creative and practical skills to have! Great tips shared Nicole for anyone who is interested in an apprenticeship! Happy New Year to you. xo

    1. It really does have the opportunity to embrace and utilise both sides of the brain, a great profession for the creative types who love to live by rules ? Happy New Year lovely, may 2016 be awesome for you! xx

  2. Great post. My brother did the first with a mechanical apprenticeship – he was able to work two days a week and attend school for three. Unfortunately, it was early days in the merging of apprenticeships and schooling so there were lots of kinks to be worked through, but still the best option for him and I know he’d recommend it. #teamIBOT

    1. It is a great option, for the employer as well. It gave us the opportunity to really help shape Rylee before he started full time. Always a work in progress, but it certainly helped a lot.

  3. Great tips Nicole, thank you. I’m a career coach so I have bookmarked this for future clients interested in carpentry. Happy new year to you!

    1. Thank you Denise, happy to know it will be of some use. Thank you for dropping by, and a very big Happy New Year to you! x

  4. Great post. We always tell kids to come to us with a piece of paper that lets us know what they’ve done so far – worked at McDonald’s or Woolies, active in surf life saving or Scouts. It might not seem like much but we like to know what they’ve been up to, to get a sense of them. We also encourage kids to finish through to Year 12.

    One of team is working at our house today – started as an apprentice after school 10 years ago and is now a married father of two kids!

    1. That’s lovely that you still have your team member with you, that shows what a great employer you must be ? Yes for the piece of paper, it most certainly helps to get an idea of who the person is. We totally agree with finishing year 12, you just never know where life will take you, and year 12 is essential in most plans.

  5. Oh and don’t get your mum or dad to call us! We want to hear from you!

    1. YES!! YES!! YES!!

  6. I was just giggling at the thought of me being a carpenter.
    I don’t think it would go so well. I’ll stick to blogging ?

    1. Ha ha ha, yes, not my strength either ?

  7. […] this month we looked at how to become an apprentice carpenter, but that is not the only trade in the construction industry. As you know, we are big supporters of […]

  8. I was actually thinking the other day while watching yet another renovation show, it would be rather handy to know the basic skills of being a carpenter. I will keep this in mind for when my boys get older.

  9. Funnily enough the day after your wrote this post my 18yr old tells me he is thinking of a building apprenticeship. So I’ve come back to re-read your advice.

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