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How To Beat The Summer Heat In Your Home

How To Beat The Summer Heat In Your Home

This post has been written in collaboration with Giamar.
Summer is heating up! We have had hot day after hot day and it got me thinking, how many different ways are there to keep your home cool in summer? Read on to see how to beat the summer heat in your home.

How To Beat The Summer Heat

Window Tinting
Many people think window tinting is just for cars, however homes can have their windows tinted as well. Great for keeping the house cool in summer and for helping to keep the heat in winter, window tinting can be a fantastic way to ensure your house stays an even temperature all year round.
Add Shutters
Shutters are a cost effective way to keep out the sun’s heat, but they also help protect against storms, noise, intruders and give the added bonus of privacy when required. With so many options for colours and designs, this is really a stylish way to protect your home from heat and sunshine.

How to beat the summer heat

Giamar Roller Tilt Shutters

If not done at the time of construction, insulating can have wonderful benefits for keeping your home cool. It is a simple but itchy DIY job for those that don’t mind crawling through tight spaces. However, be sure to do this on a cool day as you’ll be quick to overheat in the roof space if done on a hot summer’s day.
Roof Ventilators
Roof ventilators (or whirly birds) are an excellent way to eliminate the build up of hot air in the roof space. Adding roof ventilators can really make a difference to the heat trapped inside, thus cooling your home considerably.
Use Fans and Air Conditioning
When used effectively fans and air conditioners can be used in a relatively cost effective manner. For example, we have rules in our home about what the high temperature for the day must be before we will put on the air conditioner. When the predicted temperature is going to reach that point, we start them early and run them at a standard 24 degrees to keep things as cost effective as possible.
Sun Louvres
Sun Louvres are an effective and attractive way to keep your home safe and comfortable. With a massive selection of colours and finishes, this is a stylish way to keep out the heat. They are also fully adjustable so you only let in as much light as you like.

how to beat the summer heat
Giamar Privacy Screens and Sun Control Louvres

These are just a few examples of how you can beat the summer heat in your home. Can you think of any more? How do you keep out of the heat?
Nicole xx

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  1. Great timing on this post as we swelter through another heat wave. The Giamar roller tilt shutters look like they would be very effective at blocking out those hot summer rays.

    Just wanted to mention that roof vents also provide benefits in winter by keeping your house dry and preventing the growth of mould. By increasing ventilation and encouraging the flow of fresh air, roof vents keep your house cool in summer and dry in winter. Win-win.

  2. Some excellent cost savings tips here. The heat doesn’t seem to be letting up this year, especially over here in WA! Heat and fires! it’s been bad. We’re looking forward to a reprieve from it here in Perth.

    Another option is getting that verandah or patio extension installed on your home, they stop the sun from beating down straight onto your walls (heating the home like an oven), and the outdoor patios can also create a breezeway alongside the house to help remove that hot air.

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