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How To Add Colour to Your Bathroom

How To Add Colour to Your Bathroom

I sent out the opportunity on Facebook this week, for you my readers to let me know which areas of our house you would most like to see, one reader Angie, was interested to see our bathroom and if it had any colour. Unfortunately, we only have one of the three bathrooms completed at this point, and it is the plainest of all the bathrooms, however it is also finished, so here is a little peak of the “Boys” bathroom.



As you can see, it’s very neutral, deep grey floor tiles, in keeping with the grey walls, white wall tiles, and white cabinet, clean and simple, just the way I like it. Personally I am not so much of a fan of colour in the bathroom, my preference is to keep things neutral and accessorise to suit. So I’ve put together this suggestion, on how you could add a little colour splash to the bathroom to liven it up.


It is as simple to add colour to your bathroom as it is to the rest of your home. Bathroom accessories give the needed splash, or simply coloured towels, try a picture or a beautiful mirror with a coloured frame. A feature wall of tiles or a patterned tile will also add colour and style. Don’t be frightened to experiment, everything can be changed. although you’d prefer to be pretty sure before you tile, if that is how you choose to add your colour. For stockists of the products featured in this mood board, click on the links below.

Do you have colour in your bathroom? How have you added it in?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Love the little picture for the wall. That’s a good way to get some colour in 🙂

    1. Yes Angie, I’ve never thought about artwork in the bathroom, but why not? xx

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