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How To Add A Reading Nook In Your Home

How To Add A Reading Nook In Your Home

I love to read, something I love more than reading though, is having a dedicated reading nook. While being spoilt at Pen Y Llechwedd with having the choice between a whole room to read in, or window seats to read on, this is not always achievable or practical in a family home. Instead of a whole room, why not just create your own reading nook. these work especially well if you are tight on space or just want the luxury of a place in your home, just for you.

How To Add A Reading Nook In Your Home


I’ve had a few reading nooks in my time, from a small space in my bedroom, to a larger space within a lounge room or office, they really can go anywhere! The best way for me to pick where I want my nook to be, is the place I feel most relaxed. There have times when that was within a room that I could close my door and other times where I wanted to be out where I could still see the kids.

Sit for a time in the spaces you have available within your home, and see what feel right for you.

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Reading nooks can be as big or as small as you like! Generally thought the purpose of a nook, is for it to be as an addition to your existing living space, so a corner of a room is ample room. You wont be putting much in the nook, so you can work with quite a small space, then if you have the room, we can add some extra furniture to fill it. A nook I recently created moved 3 times before we were happy with it’s placement. It’s not a permanent change so don’t be too concerned about making the ‘right’ decision.

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As with any of my decorating advice, what you put in your space is up to you! At the very least, you will need a comfy chair. While this chair can be very different to the rest of the furniture in your home, try to keep one of its elements in keeping with your decor. For example the colour, the pattern or the shape of the chair should be similar to others in your home, that said you can really use this space to share your personality, so don’t be shy about making a bold choice.

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Once you have a comfy chair dress it with a cushion and a throw rug. The throw will make the chair look so much more inviting, especially in the cooler months. The cushion while gorgeous to look at, should be all about ensuring your comfort in the chair or providing a handy resting place for your book as you fall asleep!

If you have the space, add some shelves and decorate with your favourite items in vignettes. You’ll need a space to rest your wine glass, either on the shelves or on a side table close by. Having a basket handy is also useful for storing the cushion and throw when not required, or popping your book in while you are not in your nook.

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Don’t forget that lighting will be important in your reading space. Find a floor lamp to add to your space for functionality and ambience.

That is really all their is to creating your own nook! So simply you could create one today.

Do you enjoy reading? Got any good suggestions for me?


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  1. Hi, can I please ask where the ‘seafoam’ coloured throw rug is from please?

    1. Hi Sally, I have search for the information on where it is from with no luck I’m sorry. Check out Pillow Talk or Adairs for something similar though. x

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