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How Drinking Water Changes Your Body

How Drinking Water Changes Your Body

This post was written in collaboration with Filtap.

We’ve had a stressful start to the year and for a while there, were neglecting our health, so we’ve been on a quest recently to ensure we get the little things right, like drinking plenty of water.

Water is essential for the survival of every living creature. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that the average adult is 60% water.

As soon as you know this you’ll realize why it is so important to stay hydrated and to consume eight 250ml glasses of water a day.

Of course, this can seem like a lot of water; especially if you’re not used to drinking this much. So how does it really affect your body?


Energy Levels

Water is essential for the normal function of all the cells in your body. If you drink the recommended amount daily then the membranes on your cells are considered permeable. This means they allow the flow of nutrients and hormones across your body.

When the cells have not got enough water they become dehydrated. This causes their membranes to be less permeable.

The result is your cells can’t get the nutrients they need and waste products are not removed; resulting in cell damage.

Since increasing our hydration levels, we have noticed an increase in our energy levels.

It is worth noting that tap water can contain chemicals which may be harmful to your health. Before you start drinking more water it is worth having a water filter fitted using one of the reputable suppliers like Filtap.


Memory Improvement

Your brain is made up of thousands of cells. These cells use water to ensure they can receive the nutrients to allow the synapses and neurons to fire correctly.

Drinking water will actually improve the function of your brain and your ability to recall information, which has been really helpful in our day to day business life.

Better Focus

The same process regarding water improving memory applies to your ability to focus. You can actually test this theory by drinking a glass of water when you’re struggling to focus on a given task.

I’ve tried this experiment a few times now and have been surprised by the results!


Massive strength generally comes from hours spent in the gym. But, hydration can play a huge part in this as well!

Research shows that just being slightly dehydrated will reduce your ability to motivate yourself and lift heavy objects. The key is in the fact that well watered muscles are relaxed, allowing you to use all of their abilities.

Weight Control

Drinking water will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer. In fact hunger pains are often simply a need for hydration.

Before you turn to the late night snacks try drinking a glass of water; you’ll be surprised at the difference!

Feeling full will stop you eating the things that you know you shouldn’t be and help you to achieve or maintain your idea weight.

I enjoy taking care of myself but do let it slip in times of stress. In doing the research for this post, I was surprised to learn some of the facts, and have since found keeping up my water intake to be a lot easier. Perhaps some of these facts will help you too.

Do you enjoy drinking water? Find it hard to drink enough each day?

Nicole xxx



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