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How Do You Know What Your Decorating Style Is?

How Do You Know What Your Decorating Style Is?

We had an awesome comment on the blog this week, expressing concern over not knowing what her decorating style was. Gosh, it reminded me of the anxiety I felt when I was first experimenting with decorating my home. I can remember the pressure of thinking I needed to have a ‘style’ to adhere to. The pressure is real, there are so many to choose from. So let’s find out, how do you know what your decorating style is?

How Do You Know What Your Decorating Style Is?

Let me say first, while this is an informative post, most importantly is the message that it holds. I will certainly list many decorating styles below, but first and foremost, your style should be uniquely yours. Sure you can find a style you feel you align with, but just about no one decorates true to one style.

Instead, the very best decorators take pieces from several “styles” to create their own version of a style. For example, I would class my “style” as a classic style, however, because I have my own twist on that, it would be most technical to call it an Eclectic, Classic style home with a Hamptons feel.

See what I mean, I’ve taken from at least 3 styles to create what I have in my home. In short, that means, you can mix and match anything YOU like to create the home YOU are looking for. There is no need to get bogged down in choosing a style, let your heart rule how you decorate your home.

For those who are looking for a starting point, here is a brief outline of 16 popular styles.


Cate St Hill

Simple, minimalist, functional design, that grew in popularity in the ’50s and is seeing a strong resurgence globally now.


Home Beautiful

Casual sophistication, bright clean and comfortable. Soft colours with plenty of warmth.

French Provincial

Provincial Home Living

Often blended with Hamptons style decorating, French Provincial style is elegant and timeless. Fine pieces with attention to detail.

Mid-Century Modern


Clean lines, with plenty of natural curves, Mid-Century Modern is like create a living art piece.


Jellina Detmar Interieur

Think factories and lofts and you’re halfway there. Often minimal but with a strong focus on materials and texture.



Eclectic is home decorating at its best. It’s taking a multitude of styles, shapes and textures and working them in together to create the room.


Home Adore

Think bold colour, with clean lines and features. A softened version of Mid-Century Modern.


Minimalist Home Decor

Keep it simple, both the design, texture and additions. Clean stark lines and key.


Habtiually chic

A soft version of a more formal approach. A collection of timeless pieces paired that feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.


Architecture Ideas

Rich in culture, yet relaxed and comfortable. Texture, colour and vibrancy.


From Britian With Love

Warm and cosy with plenty of raw elements and neutral tones.

Shabby Chic

Better Homes And Gardens

Distressed homewares to create an antique feel, with texture and neutral tones.


With Love From Britian

Natural light, with plenty of soft blues and whites. Bring in items found by the sea, and you’re there!

Hollywood Glamour

The Spruce

Glitz, glamour, strong colours and textures. Think rich deep colours and luxurious textures paired with strong lines.



Similar to Contemporary, however, Modern Style is full of earthy tones, natural materials and no fuss.

Art Deco

Living ETC

Symmetry, bold geometric patterns, art deco is about making a statement.

It is important to remember as you scroll through these styles, that these are my interpretations of each, and therefore yours may be different. That is the entire point of home decorating, sure you can have a style, but that should be uniquely yours.

Is there a combination of styles you love?

Nicole xxx





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