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How Do You Know If You Have Asbestos In Your Home?

How Do You Know If You Have Asbestos In Your Home?

We are often asked my our readers and clients how do you know if you have asbestos in your home, and there are a few tips to help you understand if your home is at risk and what to do if it is.

Do You Know If You Have Asbestos In Your Home?

First and foremost the best way to know if there is asbestos in your home is to have a professional come out and have a look. While experienced tradies often have a fairly good idea, even they generally direct these questions to the professionals.

This is one of those times in which hiring a professional is so much less expensive than making the wrong call.

What the experts say is true, this stuff is deadly and should NEVER be handled by anyone but a professional.

It is a common occurrence that we find asbestos in older homes, and removal by a professional shouldn’t be feared. We recommend that a asbestos demolition expert be contacted to diagnose the material and then have them remove it.

You should not be present in your home once the removal begins and you should not return until you have been presented with a clearance certificate. This is not a DIY job in any form.

Is There A Way For A Homeowner To Know If Asbestos Is Present

In short, no. Asbestos was used in building right up until the 80’s, so essentially if your home was built or renovated before then, you should have a professional check before you begin taking walls down. It is just not worth the risk!

Asbestos was used due to its durability and low cost, and was used extensively for decades in our country, you’d be surprised just how often we find it on our job sites.

If you fear your home could have asbestos, we suggest booking a professional to assist you before attempting any renovations.

Do you parents tell stories of working with asbestos?

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