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How Do You Find A Builder?

How Do You Find A Builder?

Making the decision to build or renovate you home, is a big exciting and scary step. There are plans to be made and professionals to be chosen. When there are so many builders and trade professionals out there in the world, it can be a really difficult task to find the right builder for you. Today I am sharing a few tips to help you find a builder.

How To Find A Builder

Ask For Recommendations

One of the quickest and most accurate ways to find a builder, is to ask everyone you know for recommendations. Clients who are happy with a builder will be quick to tell you why. This knowledge is a great place to start. Alternatively, ask in Facebook groups for recommendations, most areas have local Facebook groups for the area in which these sort of questions can be asked. Recommendations allow you to talk to the former client and gain an understanding of how this builder works and if they could work for you.

Google Search

While this may seem an obvious answer, it bears mentioning. If you looking for a custom builder, I suggest looking a little further afield than the first page or two. Big companies pay big dollars to keep themselves as high up the search rank as they possibly can, smaller companies, boutique builders if you like, don’t have those big budget to invest in search engine optimization or SEO, therefore you could easily miss finding your dream builder.


Take a Drive

Another practical option is to take a drive around your area and note down the builders that you see. Reputable buildings will care about the appearance of their job site and this will be noticeable from the comfort of your car. You can use these names to do more research online.

Check in With Local Clubs and Organisations

It is worth considering looking to the builders that are supporting your local area. If a builder, or anyone for that matter, cares enough to support your local area, they are certainly invested in working hard to keep their good reputation. Again take this information and do more research online.

Before you contacting your chosen builders, there are a few things to do first.

Make A List Of What You Want From Your Builder

This may sound a little odd, but trust me your builder will be doing it too. Make a list of what you want from your builder to ensure a great relationship. Building or renovating a home is a long process, one you will only want to work on with someone you trust and can communicate well with. I suggest interviewing your builder right from the beginning of the search. Their website, email contact, phone contact and social media presence will tell you a great deal about who they are. Be observing all of these, you can become quite confident in who you are inviting to quote on your job, prior to actually making a decision.

These are my tips to help you find a builder. Keep in mind, the more research you do now, the more pain you can potentially save later. Good luck!

Are you in need of a builder? How did you find the builder you engaged?

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  1. Good tips here. Local tradies can give good recommendations. As plumbers we often get asked for builder recommendations, and tradies can give honest advice on which builders they would recommend and which ones they’d steer clear of simply because they’ve worked with them.

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