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House For Sale – How To Keep It Tidy In Between Inspections

House For Sale – How To Keep It Tidy In Between Inspections

One the most stressful parts of having your house for sale, is keeping your house tidy in between inspections. The constant pressure to keep everything ready as though a buyer might walk through at any moment is a crazy and unnecessary stress that I am here to tell you how to avoid.

How To Keep Your House For Sale, Tidy For Inspections

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Simply, don’t, don’t stress and don’t keep your house tidy, it really is unnecessary. Buyers rarely if ever absolutely need to get through a house right this very minute. Most buyers will contact your agent while they are browsing online, which automatically gives you time to do the quick tidy needed. There are a few tips though for making a quick tidy all that is required, let’s explore.


Before you place your home on the market, as a part of staging your home, be sure to thoroughly declutter your home. Anything in your home that directly identifies you, should be put away in storage. Not only will this make your home more attractive to buyers, but streamlines the process for an inspection as there is little to pick up and put away.

Deep Clean

Here in our busy house, we deep clear weekly, generally on a Monday, however if I know we are having an open home or inspection on the weekend I will clean on a Friday or Saturday morning. A deep clean for our home means everything, bathrooms, floors vacuumed and mopped, dusting, changing sheets, everything. This means our home is always clean, and will only require a tidy for an inspection.


This might not be necessary for everyone, but I spot vacuum with a handheld vacuum every day. We do have lots of kids and pets that shed fur, so this is a quick easy daily step that for us keeps us under control. Again it means that when the call does come for an inspection, all I need to do is tidy.

Bathroom Wipes

I love cleaning wipes of all descriptions for a quick touch up when I am in a rush. A simple and effective way to have your surfaces shining without the need for a thorough clean in a rush.


When styling your home ready for sale, it is a great idea to creates storage space in your home for those bits and pieces you can’t live without on a daily basis that will need to be popped away in time for the inspection. We have baskets for this purpose, a throw rug in a basket can hide a multitude of things!


We like to garden all the time, but we do ensure that when our homes are on the market, we mow and tend to the garden weekly. For us it only takes about 30 minutes a week and we are on top of all that needs to be done, without the big rush when that inspection call comes.

We cannot escape all the stress that selling a home can bring, but we can put steps in place to ensure we are keeping on top of it. Implementing a few of the tips above, might just ease your stress too.

Are you selling your home? What is the number one turn off for you when you are looking to buy a house?

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  1. These are great tips. My mum has just sold her house and she said the worst part by far was having to keep the house ready for a last minute viewing. I must get some bathroom wipes ?

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