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Homework Nook – Ready For Back To School

Homework Nook – Ready For Back To School

I can hardly believe that we are just a week off sending our kids back to school. It feels like only yesterday we were thinking about Christmas and now we are looking at having a homework nook, or a dedicated space for the boys to have for their homework. We don’t have the room for them to have this space solely for themselves, so we’re going to have to get creative.

Homework Nook – Ready For Back To School

In past years we have worked with a homework caddy, which was essentially a basket that held all the essentials necessary to get the job done. This year however, with one entering year 12, we wanted to give both the boys a nook they can use.

They do both have desks in their room, but we find they each prefer to work out where they can see us, hear us and ask 100 questions. So I’ve taken to Pinterest to find some inspiration!

New England Home

Ok, so the room we have to dedicate, is not this much but I love the flow of this space. Cork or felt boards for notices or inspiration and a shelf or two for storage. This looks practical and pretty.


I love this use of a hallway space by Clean Slate Design Reno, such a thoughtful design. Just goes to show with a bit of creative thinking, you can have a homework in just about any home!


How clever is this!!! Using the void at the top of the stairs to it’s maximum potential. This could work for our boys. Small space, used well.

Shareen Joel Design

The idea of a homework nook inside a cupboard appeals greatly to my need for tidy! What a great way to shut the boys mess, out of our daily life.


If I could have my cake and eat it too, I’d have a breakfast nook, with cabinetry just like this to double up as a reading nook and homework nook. This is the kind of space that grows with a family and a great compromise for a forever home.

Postbox Designs

Another clever design that has really only taken up one wall in the home! I can imagine this could work in most of todays modern open plan design houses.

All of the designs I shared today, could be easily recreated in most homes, without a great expense. We are looking at a few options for our boys, but ultimately will allow them to have reasonable input into what would work best for them.

Do you have kids in high school? Needing to create a homework nook for your home?

Nicole xxx



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  1. Love these ideas. I intend to do something like this when my girls are older.

    1. I really need to pull my finger out and get something organised here, only a week to go!

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