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Home Security and Lessons Learned #HIT

Home Security and Lessons Learned #HIT

I was really scratching my head on what to write about for our #HIT post this week, when all of a sudden it became glaringly obvious that I should be sharing a very important message on home security with you. This week, someone came deep onto our property and stole an expensive scooter from just next to my sons bedroom window. I cannot say they were quiet about it, because their noise woke my son up. All in all it was a terrifying experience and one that has triggered some pretty serious security upgrades around here. Here is a list of what we have done.


Home Security

Security Lights

Where the person entered the property is actually reasonably dark, that coupled with the fact they were then walking around the side and then under our house would have made it easy for them to get away with being so close to us at only 11pm. Generally The Builder or I would still be awake, it was only because of the huge weekend we had, had an early night. We have now installed 3 double sensor lights to the front and side of our home, when they trip on, it’s like a football field! Let’s hope the neighbours don’t get too annoyed!!

Security Screens

Lots of the original part of our home already had Crimsafe style security mesh on the windows, however the newer part of the home did not. We have immediately rectified this, and now every opening window has crimsafe. While this particular person showed no interest in entering the actual house, this experience has shown us that anything is possible and we want the children to always feel safe in our home.

Surveillance Cameras

Unbelievably The Builder and I had considered these 6 months ago, but I had said no to them as I thought they were a big expense for a home on a well lit street. It is only now with hindsight that I can see our street isn’t that well lit and at night time it is actually really quiet, a prowlers paradise. A massive system of surveillance cameras are being installed as you read this. Hopefully this will be a big deterrent in itself, if not at least we will have footage of those responsible.

Monitored Alarm

This is an extra safety measure for when we are not home, although it also has a panic button in case something happens outside and we don’t feel safe using the phone. Again a deterrent, but also an added way to make the kids feel safe. No one can get in without the alarm going off, therefor they can feel confident when they walk in the door knowing it will be only them or us home.

All in all this has added up to be an extremely expensive experience. We didn’t just loose a scooter we lost our sense of safety. Not to be defeated by this, we have taken these measures to ensure we always feel safe in our home.

What safety measures have you taken in your home? Have you ever been broken into? What do you think is the number one stolen item from homes?


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  4. The neighbours may well appreciate the lights, may be a deterrent for the whole street.

    1. Great point! No one has complained so far ?

  5. Scary stuff, but with all those security measures in place, hopefully you can all sleep a little easier! I am a bit obsessed with security living in a ground floor apartment. We have multiple locks on our patio doors and they’re double glazed too. We were broken into a few times when we lived in London in Fort Knox type conditions, so I’ve learned if they want to get in, they probably will, but if nothing else, the security measures might make them think twice and will certainly give me peace of mind. And you can’t put a price on that!

    1. You are so right Sammie, it is worth every cent to feel safe and secure in your own home. xx

  6. That is scary stuff, Im a massive fan of security grill windows myself, thanks for the tips.
    Thank you lovely for adding my link this week.
    I’m so going to take a trip up to see you for a drink one day soon, you’ll never get me to leave lol! xx
    Happy weekend.

    1. I would LOVE that!! We could have so much fun!! Hope you are well lovely xx

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