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Home Improvements: 3 Ways to Improve The Resale Value of Your Home

This post has been written in collaboration with Revell

If one day, you’re hoping to move out of your current home and into a bigger, better property, you need to know how to master the market. Getting the best price possible for your home is the first step on your journey up the ladder. The good news is that all homes can be made appealing to buyers and turned into valuable commodities.

It can be tricky sometimes to know how to go about this process, particularly if you haven’t made plans to move out yet. If this is still your home and your kingdom, it can feel a little strange to be making it over for the benefit of others. Yet, home improvements don’t just add resale value. They enhance the overall look and feel of a property so that its occupants can get even more enjoyment out of it.

This guide to some of the most valuable home improvements will help you transform your home into the palace that it should be.

Give the Garden a Makeover

We tend to focus on the inside of properties, but outdoor spaces are just as important. If you want to add value, work with professional landscapers in Perth. They can take even the smallest and least inspiring of yards and turn them into private paradises. Almost all families and anybody who plans to start one will be looking for a home with a beautiful garden. So, it is worth investing time and money in high-quality landscaping.

This doesn’t have to mean a neatly manicured lawn, with classically arranged flowerbeds. These days, landscape design is a very broad and creative discipline. You can turn your yard into a wild meadow, a secret hideaway for the kids, a romantic retreat, or just somewhere pretty to sit and chat with friends. It should reflect your personality and always raise a smile.


Maintain Structural Weaknesses

All homes have their vulnerabilities. You might have a roof that is prone to leaking during heavy storms or gutters that are easily clogged in the autumn. It is better for the value of the house and for your enjoyment of it to fix these issues properly. For instance, don’t just dismiss that leaky roof as a minor problem. Get it fixed now while it only requires a cheap repair and the damage can be fully reversed.

Don’t let creeping mould appear on damp bathroom walls. Keep your chimney clean if you have an open fire. These are all small tasks that can prevent major structural issues later down the line. They are also the type of thing that buyers look for, as a sign of whether the home has been treated with care. If they think that the property will come with a lot of expensive work, they’ll be less inclined to take a second look.


Upgrade the Windows

The vast majority of buyers now want energy efficient homes that are better at retaining heat. Insulation is one-half of this requirement because it is very affordable and can save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their utility bills each year. High-quality windows are another. If your property doesn’t have a fairly new double glazed uPVC windows, it could be worth investing in a full upgrade.

Many people consider them essential, even though they have been a point of contention for many older homes. The good news is that uPVC frames have advanced massively over the last five years and they look a lot more attractive than they used to. They can be designed to blend seamlessly with the façade of the house. Plus, you’ll benefit hugely from their impact on your energy bills until the time that you decide to move on.


Why Investing In Your Home Is Investing In Your Future

It is easy to get complacent about our homes. As long as we’re comfortable and safe, we have no need to want for anything more. Yet, the housing market is an entity dominated by long term investment and proactive decisions. If you want your property to be a dream house for somebody else one day, you have to turn it into one now.

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